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BALAKONG: Pakatan Harapan (PH), who is under his flag for the first time in the Balakong election, is expected to comfortably win the seat of the state in the midst of a quiet but long campaign period, tempered by a lack of confidence by voters .

Political analysts have predicted that the voter turnout on Saturday will be low, a repeat of the Sungai Kandis interim election on August 4.

According to political commentator Tang Ah Chai, people are not so keen to go out and vote in an interim election, compared to the last general elections that were held just four months ago.

He added that voters also felt unmotivated, regardless of the outcome, it would have no impact on the legislative assembly of the state of Selangor, where Pakatan Harapan currently governs with a large majority of 51 out of 56 seats.

"PH has a big chance to win this state seat.

"Moreover, the image of his deceased elected representative (Eddie Ng Tien Chee) is still strong.

"Voters in Balakong are looking at him and this feeling will certainly give PH a head start over MCA," he told Bernama.

PH candidate from DAP Wong Siew Ki works it out with MCA & # 39; s Tan Chee Teong at the election of Balakong on 8 September.

This interim election is also a baptism with fire for MCA, who is fighting for the first time in an election under his own flag.

Tang said that MCA, despite having opted not to use the Barisan Nasional banner, still did not appeal to voters in Balakong, adding that the inability of the party to reinvent its already alienated relationship with the Chinese community had deteriorated further.

"Although MCA uses its own logo, the Chinese still see it as a large part of BN.

"They are of the opinion that MCA is weak and has no firm position with regard to their position and future direction with BN," he added.

The constituency of Balakong was created for the first time in 1995 and disputed and won for three consecutive periods by MCA & # 39; s Datuk Hoh Hee Lee who was under the BN banner.

In 2008 the predominantly Chinese chair was conquered by the DAP, which was then the opposition party, and since then the seat has been defended by a large majority of votes.

During the last general election on May 9, Ng, who died in a car crash on July 20, had retained the seat with a whopping 35,538 majority votes.

Analyst Datuk Dr. Cheah See Kian said that the Balakong interim election would be a crucial battlefield for the archenemies to gauge Chinese support.

He said in the past that Chinese voters were always inclined to vote for the opposition and relied on them to bring their interests and problems to the attention of the state government.

"They have successfully voted in the opposition during the last general elections and they (the then opposition) have now become the government.

"In Selangor there are only five opposition seats.

"Will they still be dependent on the PH to really fight for them in the state meeting or will they choose and let the opposition do the work.

"So for this mid-term election it will be very interesting to see how they will vote," he said.

Concerns about a low turnout on the voting day prompted the information department of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia to launch a mobile unit to send information to voters and encourage them to vote on 8 September.

Nonetheless, in spite of outsiders' view of the seemingly apathetic elements to the interim election, voter Ho Kuan Kiew said that this did not imply that voters were unaware or even unconcerned.

He said that he had followed the national political developments closely and had never missed the agenda that both candidates had proposed since the campaign began.

He told Bernama that he was even convinced that the majority of voters had made a decision here.

"Tan Chee Teong is a good man.

"He is hard working and very down-to-earth.

"Personally, I like him, many of us here like him, but too bad, he chose to fight for the wrong party," he added.

A total of 62,219 registered voters in Balakong are eligible to vote in this interim election. – Bernama

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