Photo of woman walking in bikini bottom and T-shirt causes excitement in Sabah, Southeast Asia News & Top stories

KOTA KINABALU • Another example of a tourist who is insensitive to local culture, has surfaced in the Malaysian state of Sabah, after a picture of a woman in Kota Kinabalu with only a bikini pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt on social media was Scattered .

The photo of the woman, presumably a foreigner, near the shopping center Asia-city, prompted many to ask if she was dressed because of the warm weather in recent weeks, where temperatures average 34 to 35 degrees Celsius per day.

The woman was seen on the photo while she was walking with a man.

It is not known whether someone has submitted reports or complaints about her clothing.

Attempts are being made to contact Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Christina Liew to comment on the case.

Cases of tourists in Sabah who are inappropriately dressed and who act with a lack of sensitivity to the Malaysian culture have been reported numerous times. On June 27, two female tourists from China danced for the Kota Kinabalu mosque a fine of RM25 (S $ 8) each and were taken to the airport for their flight home.

On 11 July, a video of a woman doing a handstand in the middle of the tourist area Gaya Street in the same city led to criticism and concern about her safety.

Efforts have also been made to inform and educate foreigners about the cultural norms of Malaysia.

Sabah travel agents have been given the task of explaining the do & # 39; s and don'ts to visitors to the state, especially in religious locations.


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