Plans to redevelop the Highland Towers site – Metro News

The Highland Towers redevelopment committee is now in the planning phase to come up with ideas to redevelop the site in Ampang.

"I had to understand that the Highland Towers are not suitable for buildings or houses, so an idea is to turn it into a park or recreation space," said the Minister of Housing and Local Government Zuraida Kamaruddin.

"I will make sure that the ministry approves the plan for the park if that is the intention of the commission.

" Having a park would also benefit people, especially those in my constituency, " Ampang MP after the launch of Girl2Leader Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday

It is an initiative for young women to develop and nourish their talents and become future leaders of tomorrow.

According to Zuraida, the committee had five times assembled and the owners of the property identified, as well as legal cases sorted.

The Highland Towers area was excellent land, one and was left abandoned after one of the three blocks of condominium units on December 11, 1993 had collapsed into a major landslide that was lives.

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