RapidKL driver who rammed vehicles pleaded guilty to the use of methamphetamines – Nation

KUALA LUMPUR: The 32-year-old RapidKL bus driver who rammed several vehicles in Ampang last Thursday, has pleaded guilty to consuming methamphetamines.

Md Khairol Anuar Mohamad was accused of using the drug by the police when he tested positive at the headquarters of the Dou Wangi District Police Headquarters Narcotics Investigation Department at 7:40 pm last Friday (August 17).

He was charged under Article 15 (1) (a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 and is faced with a possible prison sentence of up to two years and a possible mandatory period of police monitoring that can last up to three years.

Md Khairol is also expected to be charged for traffic violations next week.

Deputy Prosecutor Amirul Asyraf Abdul Rasid offered security at RM 3,000 in one deposit pending the chemist's report.

DPP Amirul Asyraf also asked for the next reporting date in anticipation of the report

Magistrate Noorasykin Sahat then set a deposit of RM3,000 with one deposit pending entry on 24 September.

Last Thursday evening (Aug. 16) Rammed a RapidKL bus, powered by Md Khairol, in various vehicles on a busy road in Ampang.

A video of it goes viral on social media and messaging apps.

The 90-second images show that the bus is chased by several motorcycles, where the riders hear the driver swear and tell him to stop.

The bus is shown recklessly weaving through the traffic. It crashes in two cars but continues to continue its eruption.

It then rammed into various other vehicles nearly 100 meters after the first collision before it comes to a standstill after being caught in traffic.

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