Rescued jumbo dies from injuries caused by snare trap – Nation

KOTA KINABALU: A young male Bornean pygmy elephant died a week after he was found with an injury to his left foreleg caused by a trap at Ulu Segama Forest Reserve, Lahad Datu.

Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) public relations officer Siti Nur Ain Ampuan Acheh said the five-year-old pachyderm died on his way to the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary in Kinabatangan at about 8.40 on Sunday (2 September).

Siti Nur & # 39; Ain said that the elephant was rescued on August 26 after it was found with an injury to his paw caused by the trapping device.

She added that a team consisting of a veterinarian and animal welfare was sent to the site to save the injured animal.

One of the last photo's of the weakened elephant before he succumbed to his injuries.

"They managed to catch the elephant and started the treatment, he suffered from a severe and deep wound that had reached all the bone.

"The elephant was also in poor physical condition and weak," she said.

Siti Nur & # 39; Ain said that the animal did not respond well to the treatment and died while it was transported to the sanctuary for further treatment.

"Post-mortem was performed to determine the cause of death.

"Findings revealed that the elephant died as a result of blood poisoning resulting from the severe snare injury," she explained.

SWD investigates the manager of the adjacent plantation.

The last death brings the number of elephants killed to 26 this year.

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