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Balakong: Nothing escapes MCA & # 39; s Balakong election candidate Tan Chee Teong – even the accumulated mess that contributed to Selangor as one of the & # 39; hottest & # 39; states for dengue.

Tan said that neglected areas such as Seri Cheras, which lies directly on the edge of the constituency, have grown into hotbeds for cases of dengue.

Referring to most waste and overflowing sewers, he said that these were examples of poor planning and neglect.

"My manifesto brings these problems to the fore, because even though the work to maintain drainage and waste collection is small, no one is doing well," Tan said.

"Why does Selangor make one of the" hottest states "in Malaysia for cases of dengue?" He said.

Tan said from June this year, Selangor had registered 15,944 dengue cases, accounting for 55% of the total in the country.

Other areas such as the business district of Taman Kasturi also suffered the same neglect, he said.

"Do you want to wait for a lot of deaths before you understand that this is a problem that needs to be resolved?" He asked.

"I hope voters will give me a chance to raise this issue at the state's assembly," he said, adding that such basic issues could be resolved through proper planning.

Tan said that the answer from his opponent Wong Siew Ki to the abolition of the toll – part of the Pakatani Harapan manifesto – was reminiscent of that of her own boss, DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng.

"Her answer followed that of Lim when he was asked about the proposal for a third national car," he said, adding that the Minister of Finance had then asked the media to forward the question to the Prime Minister.

"If Wong were to refer to her party leaders on each separate issue, what's the use of choosing her as a collector?" He said, adding that Wong would only serve as a messenger for the state and federal governments and would not act as the representative of the people.

Asked about the abolition of tolls, Wong had said earlier that the issue was a federal issue and this should be referred to Lim.

Tan said, because it was the promise of a Pakatan, Wong should work to make sure she pressed it.

As to whether he would help implement programs that were initiated by the late Eddie Ng, Tan said there was no reason not to support them if they were favorable to the public.

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