Sanction MCA for & unholy alliance & # 39; to generate racial feelings, Kit Siang tells voters

BALAKONG POLLS | DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang today questioned MCA & # 39; s pitch to act as check and balance against the Pakistani government Harapan, accuses the party of entering an "unholy alliance" to provoke racial feelings.

This followed two developments in the Balakong last week yesterday – PAS stumping for MCA, and the president of the latter, Liow Tiong Lai, who accuses the DAP of sell out Chinese Malaysians.

"On the one hand, the MCA leaders, who accuse the DAP of selling the rights and interests of Chinese Malaysians, while Umno and PAS leaders are complicit in attacking the DAP and Harapan on betraying Malaysian rights and interests.

"How such contradictory and contradictory goals can be achieved at the same time, the leaders of the unholy MCA-Umno-PAS alliance have not tried to explain," he said in a statement today.

Lim noted that last Saturday Umno also organized racially charged Himpunan Melayu Bangkit (Malaysian Arise Rally) in Perak, where Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman claimed that Malaysians had lost power after the 14th general election.

"The accusations that the Malays have lost political power are just as contemptible and even punishable as MCA's claim that DAP and Harapan will sell the Chinese's rights in Malaysia.

"Now MCA has gone a step further and is working hand in hand with PAS to destroy DAP and Harapan," he said.

Lim said that voters can send out a signal through the election of Balakong by the irresponsible and opportunistic & # 39; politics of MCA, Umno and PAS.

"We need checks and balances in a mature democracy, but this is a role that MCA can not play unless it is prepared to reject its past, in particular to help and staff Umno and former Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. crime and the betrayal of turning Malaysia into a global kleptocracy, "he said.

Lim said that Balakong voters can also send a message that they are against the parties that take "poisonous and cruel policies of race, religion, hatred, fear and lies at an unprecedented level", as well as the "extremist religious line of PAS".

"Let the voters of Balakong give a powerful verdict to vote for a new Malaysia & # 39; and the future of the nation and reject the machinations of the MCA-Umno-PAS plot to overthrow the DAP and Harapan government to cast before the 15th general election, if not earlier in two or three years, "he said.

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