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Bomba personnel fire the fire before it reaches the Kapit station.

Open fires on the 275kV Mambong-Engkilili transmission lines on August 15 caused power outages in some parts of Kuching.

KUCHING: Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) does not tolerate irresponsible open fires in the vicinity of electricity facilities.

His chief executive officer Sharbini Suhaili said that such actions could jeopardize the operation and safety of the state's electrical supplies.

"Extensive damage to critical facilities such as transmission lines and substations can cause long-term outages.

" There have been many burning activities and fires in the vicinity of our electrical facilities lately, and some have affected the activities. safety was compromised and the supply lost, "he said yesterday in a press statement.

Open fires near the Sarikei-Tanjung Manis 132 kV transmission tower.

According to him, three cas es have been reported to date in Simunjan, Sarikei and Kapit.

"On August 15th, open burning activities near the transmission lines in Sabal, Simunjan caused the 275kV Mambong-Engkilili lines to stumble at 3.08pm, causing some parts of the supply to be lost to Kuching.

"This could have caused a major interruption in Kuching We are fortunate that with the security system and our newly commissioned second transmission network, our technical team has managed to minimize the number of affected areas and complete the supply within 30 minutes. to recover, "Sharbini said.

A similar incident happened on the same day in Sarikei, near the Sarikei-Tanjung Manis 132kV transmission tower.

However, rapid action by the Fire Department and Rescue Department (Bomba) prevented the fire from damaging the system.

On 9 August in Kapit, rapid action by Bomba also brought a fire near the Kapit 132 / 33kV substation under control.

"Our operations team monitors the occurrence of fire in the vicinity of our facilities and we work closely with the relevant agencies to ensure that the facilities are safe and operations are not compromised.

" We tolerate these dangerous acts not and will assist the Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) in activities near our facilities. We will not hesitate to report to the discoverers who caused these dangerous fires, "he emphasized

In a recent statement by NREB, those found guilty of executing illegal open fires can be fined up to RM30,000.

SEB is also urging the public to report publicly lit fire to the relevant authorities in order to prevent unwanted incident that could cause public inconvenience.

The public may also call the Sarawak Energy Customer Care Center at 1- 300-88-3111.

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