Sorry, I can not accept these phones, Loke tells the organizer

Transport minister Anthony Loke says that the Pakistani government ends the conversation by refusing gifts.


KUALA LUMPUR: Transport Minister Anthony Loke, who adheres to the government's no-gift policy, today refused to accept a token of appreciation given to him at the launch of a local e-reporting duty.

"I'm sorry but I can not accept it," Loke said after receiving the gift at the launch of Diffride.

Later, during a press conference, Loke explained that the Pakistani government of Harapan & # 39; the word enter & # 39; and refused to accept gifts during events.

"The new government and all the ministers, we are in the conversation, and I want to inform the event organizers that in the future please be noticed, because this is a new regulation from the new government." I do not need any gifts. times, when you invite me to events, I just go to attend, I do not need gifts, "he told reporters.

Prime Minister Ambassador Dr Mahathir Mohamad said on June 8 that ministers would no longer be able to accept donations under a new policy from his government.

According to Mahathir, gifts can only be limited to flowers, food and fruit.

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