Strengthening the infrastructure in Balakong main task of PH manifest

Bangi: Strengthening and developing infrastructure in Balakong is the main theme of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) manifesto for the shortening of the seat of the state.

PH candidate Wong Siew Ki said she was determined to solve the problems with floods and traffic congestion, which plagued voters in Balakong.

"The banks of Sungai Balak will be upgraded and a recreational area for residents will be set up in Kampung Baru Balakong.

"The road of Jalan Balakong Batu 11 will be widened and I will also discuss with the Kajang City Council about broadening the intersection at Jalan Bandar Tun Hussein Onn and the Grandsaga Expressway to overcome traffic congestion in the area," she said when she met after the launch of the PH manifest for the Balakong interim election.

Wong also promised to strengthen the role of the People & # 39; s Representatives Council in the Kajang City Council and to promote better cooperation between local residents, especially young people and women.

The By-election of Balakong was named after the death of his incumbent assembler Eddie Ng Tien Chee in a traffic accident on 20 July.

Wong said that the Balakong Festival, introduced by the late Ng in 2014, would get a new name to further promote the constituency.

"The festival is still going on, but with a lukewarm reaction, in contrast to the past, so the Balakong festival will be renamed to introduce and promote the identity of Balakong, I will also organize cultural programs, she added.

In another development, Wong, vice leader of DAP Wanita, said she was worried about the loss of support from the people in Balakong, even though PAS had announced that its members would support MCA in these midterm elections.

"The voters are wise and they know who is the better candidate who can bring a better future for Balakong," she added.

Wong will be in a direct fight against businessman Tan Chee Teong, from MCA. – Bernama

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