Tawau woman proud of her fireman's son

Tawau woman proud of her fireman's son

Published on: Friday 5 October 2018

Tawau: A 55-year-old mother is proud of her fireman's son who lost his life along the lines of his job in Selangor on Wednesday with five others.

"I am proud of Mazlan, he is my hero and the fire department and rescue department of the country", said Asmah Abdalis when she met here in her her aunt's house in Kg Batu Tinagat, here, Thursday.

She said she initially could not believe that the incident happened with Mazlan Omarbaki, 25, she accepted the death of her fourth of six brothers and sisters and hoped he would be placed among believers in heaven.

"I found out at 22:00 when my sister in Semporna said she saw my son in the news, I said I did not believe it because I had just spoken with Mazlan.

"I immediately contacted my daughter at the Jerantut police station and asked her to contact the Puchong fire station, which confirmed that Mazlan was one of the victims," ​​she said.

She said the last thing she said to him was Tuesday at about seven o'clock in the morning before he went to work. "I asked him how he was and Mazlan told me to stay healthy."

She said that Mazlan, who was fondly named Lan among relatives, was a responsible son, had been independently and always concerned about the family.

"He had plans for the family, he even bought a house in Bandar Sri Indah to help us here, he also did repairs to our house in Semporna and every year he asked to be transferred to Sabah to take care of me", he said. single mother.

She said that since the death of her husband in 2012, Mazlan took on the role of the head of the family because he was the eldest son and had always advised his brothers and sisters and shared his work experience whenever he came home for a vacation.

"He was a good son, he listened to advice and was always upbeat … he once asked me to find a wife for him as soon as he is stable in life", she recalled.

Asma said that although it was painful to lose a child in this way, she would not stop her other children who want to follow a career in the Fire Department and Rescue Department.

Asmah is mother of six children, consisting of four daughters and two sons, between 33 and 16 years old. Among them is Insp. Nuriah, 31, who works as a Commercial Crime Investigating Officer on the basis of the Jerantut police station. Mazlan was a member of the Fire and Rescue Dive Rescue Team that along with five other firefighters died during a rescue mission looking for a teenager who reportedly slipped and died while fishing in a mine at about 9.15 pm on Wednesday. – Lagatah Toyos

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