The Amazing Spring production team is dealing with fire and fake news

PETALING JAYA: The production team of a film shot in Bandang Bukit Puchong in Selangor should not only have to deal with a fire that broke on the set, injuring 31 of the cast members, including Hong Kong veteran actress Sharon Yeung Pan- pan, but fake news too.

Jack Lim, the Malaysian executive producer of the Chinese New Year film Great spring, some foreign media said that the crew accidentally threw fuel on the actors, which led to the fire on Monday around 7 o'clock in the morning.

The reports said that the actors met the crowd and also injured others.

When he refused the claims during a press conference at the Sunway Medical Center yesterday, where the injured were sent, Lim said that at least 10 cameras were working on that day.

After looking at the images, he said they felt that the incident happened in just two seconds.

They planned to set fire to three buildings and the firefighters on duty had ensured that the members of the cast were kept at a safe distance because there were fears that the buildings would fall on them.

"But what we did not expect was that the fire spread through the ground and reached the members of the cast," he said.

From yesterday afternoon 13 cast members stayed in the hospital for treatment of burns.

"We shake the hand of every relative of the victims and bow to them, and we apologized.

& # 39; They said it was good because it was an accident, & # 39; said Lim.

The film is planned for next year.

Most victims are elderly with the oldest parent than 80 years.

Yeung, 59, a renowned actress, the Malaysian actress Joey Leong, 24, and actor Cedric Loo, 30, are still undervalued in the hospital.

Dr. Seow Vei Ken, head of the Accident and First Aid Department at the hospital, said that Yeung sustained 7% of second-degree burns on the left side of her face, her right arm and both legs.

Leong had 5% second-degree burns on both her legs.

"It will take about three weeks for them to recover," he said at the press conference.

China Pressure reported that veteran Actor Law Kar-ying, 72, escaped unharmed during the incident. He was back in Hong Kong yesterday.

The newspaper also said that the team had stationed the staff of the fire brigade and the rescue service on site when they wanted to film the burning scene with three of the five wooden houses.

It is believed that the fire in one of the houses got out of hand.

Director Nick Wong expressed his highest respect to all cast members, including Yeung and the senior actors.

"The production team could not thank them enough for their resilience," he said.

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