The Ministry of Health is awaiting a report on sexual harassment for filing with the government

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 sept. – The Ministry of Health is awaiting a final report from an independent body that has investigated the alleged sexual assault of domestic staff.

Minister of Health Dzulkefly Ahmad explained that his ministry had been informed by the body of their findings after the investigation, and said that their final report would then be presented to the rest of the cabinet.

"We are waiting for the independent authority to write me completely, where they would recommend steps on how to deal with the issue and how such situations can be prevented in the future.

"The report will then be submitted to the Cabinet before a final decision has been taken," he said this morning after the launch of the National Dental Healthcare Week event in the building of the City Hall in Kuala Lumpur.

His remarks were related to reports that emerged in July and involved the head of the Orthopedics Department of a hospital in the capital for alleged sexual harassment against female housemates for several years.

Dzulkefly also commented on several other developments, revealing that his ministry wanted to close 33 MALAYSIA clinics while the remaining 313 stores were refurbished in Community Clinics.

He also became interested in the price of consultation in private clinics after the implementation of the Sales and Services Tax (SST), in which the ministry held a city hall meeting with various stakeholders in the sector.

"We have taken all their views into account, the pros and cons, which should be presented to the entire Cabinet of Ministers before a decision is taken," he said.

In the meantime Dzulkefly also confirmed the reports of a directive that Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sent to the ministers, in which he ordered them not to employ more than 10 special officers.

"Yes, it was a guideline that was given to us, but as far as the Ministry of Health is concerned, we can not leave a problem with it.

"But perhaps some other ministries, like the Ministry of Education, where it also assumed the role of the former Ministry of Higher Education, need more manpower," he added.

This is because reports had claimed the offices of the Prime Minister for limited ministers for 10 special officials.

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