The progress of Singapore depends on all its people: ESM Goh, Singapore News & Top stories

Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong says that at age (77) he was not taken by the idea that he should be popular.

Instead, he is more interested in what works for Singapore. [19659002] Speaking at the annual Marine Parade National Day dinner yesterday, the former prime minister spoke about his role as the second generation leader at a time when the country is in the middle of the transition to a fourth generation (4G) leadership

] He said that criticism is political follow-up, the progress of a nation also depends on all its people. "Every member of every generation must do their part to keep Singapore safe, stable, harmonious and prosperous."

The remarkable comeback of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad commented when he led the Pakistani Harapan coalition to victory in the general election in May Mr. Goh said that some have suggested that he could do the same.

"They have even suggested that Tan Cheng Bock (former People's Party action agency) be my Anwar Ibrahim," he said.

"(Tun Dr Mahathir) made his comeback at the age of 92. I am only 77. I can wait 15 years," he joked, to laugh and to applaud the audience of 1,000 residents and volunteers at Orchard Hotel .

"If the 5G leaders do not do a good job, I will look forward."

Mr. Goh said that, like Dr. Mahathir, he could not stop worrying about the future of his country.


We have to prepare for the next season, find the right manager, seasoned coaches and the best players. With the right strategy and tactics, hard work and a cohesive team, we can achieve new success

EMERITUS SENIOR MINISTER GOH CHOK TONG about the future plans of Singapore.

"It is a professional practice of former prime ministers," he added. "It is difficult to let go of the land that you have helped build."

But Singapore does not need a former prime minister to help, he said.

He noted that the Republic "has not done too badly" on international indices in the areas of health, education, housing, social welfare, economic competitiveness and per capita income.

The sovereign wealth funds of the country are held up by the journal Economist for the way they are managed, he said

And despite its small size, Singapore has the 37th largest economy in the world, he added.

Mr. Goh mentioned two key factors for the success of Singapore – a good government and the unity of the Singaporean.

like a team in a top football league, Singapore can not squat, he said.

"We have to prepare for the next season, the right manager, seasoned coaches and find the best players, with the right strategy and tactics, hard work and a close team, we can achieve new su ccess."

Leadership was also a theme that he quoted in an earlier speech in Mandarin. "We have carefully planned our political succession with little drama or struggle, political stability and predictability are good for economic growth and will benefit your family," he said.

"The 4G ministers are present to lead Singapore in a few years" time. & # 39;

But the next generation of leaders will have to face complex regional and geopolitical challenges, he said. [19659002] In their own country they also have to struggle with challenges, ranging from an aging population to income inequality. [19659002] Mr. Goh also praised the Singaporeans because they worked together to build the country over the years.

"Countries where people are divided, whether by race, religion or social status, waste precious energy and resources that fight each other, "he added.

" United, we will do well as a nation. Let us remain united and faithful to each other. "

In conclusion, he called on the next generation of Singaporeans to take up the challenge and to help the country forward.

" The future is for you, the younger, to form to give, instead of for my generation, "he said.

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