Three orangutans caught and moved after invading orchard in Kinabatangan – Nation

KINABATANGAN: Three male orangutans were safely moved to a new home after the villagers of Kampung Sri Ganda found the great apes in their midst who ate fruit in the orchards on August 16th.

Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) public relations officer Siti Nur Ain Ampuan Acheh said that a team of rangers was deployed to evaluate the situation after the department was approached by the villagers.

"A translocation operation was started on Tuesday (August 21).

"The operation consisted of SWD rangers and veterinary officer Dr. Nabila Sarkawi, who succeeded in capturing three male orangutans of seven, fifteen and 25 years respectively.

"Medical research of all orang-utans found them all healthy and fit," she added.

The orangutans were released on Saturday (August 25) in the Kulamba Wildlife Reserve.

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