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SHAH ALAM: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said the Pakistani Harapan government would emphasize a human-friendly and inclusive development.

She said that this step was aimed at making the benefits of development available to everyone, from the local community to the national level.

"The government's efforts will not be complete and effective if no initiatives are taken by the people at the local level," Dr Wan Azizah said in her speech at the launch of the three-year Malaysian Consultative Organization for the Islamic Organization (Mapim). plan and 10 modules for Qaryah Transformation on Saturday (2 September) night.

Dr. Wan Azizah said Mapim's Qaryah transformation program was in line with the government's goals because it propagated change at the micro level, which in turn will help the government to initiate change at the macro level.

Mapim's Qaryah transformation initiative focuses on community development related to social, economic, interracial relationships, education, resource management, younger generation development and leadership.

Dr. Wan Azizah said that the Mapim module focused on building a community that was independent and able to compete to create a well-rounded society.

"Being independent means not being too dependent on the government to bring change to the community," she added.

Dr. Said on another issue. Wan Azizah that the Pakistani government was not making changes because of the change to only look different from the previous government leadership.

"We do not want it to be like participating in a competition to show who is stronger and champion, while our contribution is disappointing and not benefited or felt by the people.

"This would be a false transformation that is meaningless," she said.

According to Dr. Wan Azizah, changes were needed to ensure that the aspirations of the people and the government are simultaneously fulfilled and initiated.

"Hence the focus on empowerment of women, general development of the family institution, children's rights and security within the community," she said.

Meanwhile, President Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid of Mapim told a press conference earlier that the organization's latest initiative would see the training of 5,000 community leaders for its transformation program.

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