Will Dr. M that CEP remains, or only Daim?

YOUR CHOICE | & # 39; You must have a specific job title and job description, a function that is endorsed by the Cabinet. & # 39;

I want him there – Dr. M adamantly Daim continues

Jasmine: It is clear that Prime Minister dr. Mahathir Mohamad, hopefully with wisdom, has his reasons for having the chairman of the Council of Eminent Persons (CEP), Daim Zainuddin, stay on as an advisor. This does not necessarily include all members of the CEP.

"Access to a lot of information" is a stated reason. We must of course be amazed at this almost desperation.

Nevertheless, it is clear that Mahathir seems to have complete trust and confidence in Daim and his abilities. Past relationship and experiences between the two undoubtedly stir this confidence.

A relatively young and new cabinet contributes to the pressure to also trust believers from the past. While Mahathir & # 39; s own age has to weigh on him, his performance so far exceeds other much younger members of his administration.

Mahathir seems to say that he needs a right hand, which is not yet in the administration. He chose Daim.

How this choice will work out with the rest of the cabinet and the Pakatta Harapan presidential council will be seen in the next few days.

Susahkes: My concern with Mahathir that Daim wants to stay is this:

  1. What other 100-day promises are considered "flexible" by him? What do you mean by "I never talked about 100 days?" Well, someone does.
  2. After 100 days, then what? 1000 days? 10,000 days?

You must have a specific job title and job description, a function that is endorsed by the government.

Otherwise you come the next time that Daim goes to China and so on, he will have many questions, both from the audience and from the opposition.

Drngsc: This clearly shows that Mahathir is dictatorial and undemocratic.

You have a closet. You should work with a chosen cabinet.

If he wants Daim, Daim can decide whether he wants to stay or not. As far as the rest is concerned, I call on everyone to resign.

Malaysia thanks the CEP. You must all respect that Malaysia practices democracy. Your agreements were not in accordance with democratic principles.

We made a one-off exemption before the cabinet was formed. Now we have a closet. You must all respect the government and democracy.

CEP member Robert Kuok, you are a person with principles. You must be able to understand what Malaysians want and what is democratic.

Please resign. Allow the government to rule the country as they were elected by the people.

Kim Quek: The return of the Mahathir-Daim combination evokes the horrifying heyday of Umno's friendly capitalism that brought the country to the brink of financial collapse during the financial crisis in Asia in 1997/98, as well as the political persecution of Harapan de facto Anwar Ibrahim under Sodomy I.

The latter, in turn, gave birth to Reformasi, who is now the ruling power governing the country, apparently.

At a time when the audience is already nervous about Mahathir's tendency to appoint former key-workers, his apparent desperation to support Daim for his rule has reinforced the concerns about his reform-minded decision, which is also fueled by his refusal to promptly take different manifest promises that mean institutional reforms.

There is no doubt that the promised collective leadership under the leadership of Reformasi has not materialized. Under the circumstances, Daim's return to power will be an explicit signal that Harapan has not yet safely landed on the Reformasi highway.

David DassMahathir is 93 years old. He is prime minister. These are challenging times. The cabinet is relatively inexperienced. The CEP advises him. The CEP has in turn set up various committees to help them.

There is the committee that oversees the 1MDB study. And there the Commission is institutional reform.

Their recommendations will be given to the Prime Minister and presumably by the Cabinet.

100 days is a short time. An extension simply means more time to help the prime minister.

As many have asked – why is there so much fuss about the CEP? The nation faces many challenges. Harapan is practically working on setting up a new government with a new approach to things.

All policies, projects and contracts of the previous agreement are reviewed. Many senior employees in the government and in government-related companies (GLCs) are being replaced.

Investigation into alleged crimes involves hundreds of employees. Ministers are in a steep learning curve.

The CEP can only help. The expectations are high. Many are impatient in what they see as the slow pace of things.

Sometimes foolish mistakes are made, but these are not serious mistakes. They stem from inexperience. They will learn.

Let's all be patient and give them a little bit of time. Meanwhile, the sweet atmosphere of freedom breathes.

Anonymous_1527925538: No sen is paid to CEP members. Their is a service to our country and we owe all honor.

I hope they can continue to offer their services and experience, because Mahathir needs all the help he can get to solve all the rubbish that the previous government left behind.

Justice: As long as the cabinet members have or will have the last word on whether or not to accept or reject the recommendations or proposals from the CEP, the CEP could continue to function as an advisory body, as a sort of adviser to the cabinet.

At his age, Mahathir should only lead and supervise and the members of the cabinet learn their trade, including making decisions to gain experience, because one day, Mahathir will not be there and when that time comes, the cabinet members must are competent, capable and have sufficient experience.

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