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12 Spoilers Fans missed at the beginning of Marvel Movies (and 8 Way Too Obvious)

With hundreds of characters, dozens of timelines and several decades of content, Marvel Comics has shaped modern pop culture through its wealth of creativity. Like many other fruitful businesses, the comic books have been incorporated into countless films over the years. The films do not always enjoy the same box office or critical success, but they are always among the most hyped and controversial films.

The creatives at Marvel have proven themselves as masterful storytellers, who intertwine different stories to form the most complex stories. Sometimes, in the beginning, they drop hints that require multiple views to capture. Other times, however, their hints seem more like hammers that you beat over your head with how clear they are.

Some of those & # 39; hints & # 39; are so painfully clear that even the most uninformed viewer could see the plot turn from miles away. Others are disguised as simple Easter eggs and nice references to nerds about, making fervent fans blind. Regardless of your familiarity with Marvel's franchises, there are certainly spoilers that you've caught and others who slipped through your fingers. If the title did not bother you, the list below contains a lot of spoilers, not only for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also for Marvel films from Sony and Fox. There are also some references to the comics, so if you are super sensitive to spoilers, this is your chance to look away.

Be here 12 Spoilers Fans missed at the beginning of Marvel Movies (and 8 Incrlyibly Obvious).

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20 Missed: Thor & # 39; s shirt In Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok made waves with his brave comic look on Thor's journey, complete with the vibrant colors and crazy humor that director Taika Waititi is known for.

A brilliant use of color that you may have missed concerns Thor's wardrobe in the scene in which Loki and Thor track Odin. Thor wears a coat that is layered over two shirts; a green and a purple. It is a subtle way to pre-shadow Thor's encounter with the Hulk on Sakaar. Or maybe it is Thor's way to pay tribute to his buddy, although the Hulk still has to wear his iconic purple short in the MCU.

19 Apparently: the real dad of Star-Lord in GotG

Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, spends a lot of time wondering about his biological father. Star-Lord finally finds out that his father is Ego, a Heavenly who is planning to complete the Expansion. They manage to bind a little until Ego reveals that he has planted the tumor in Meredith's head. Peter realizes then that Yondu is his true father figure and is struck by grief as the latter passes by. It is a striking achievement for Peter, but not so much for the public.

Meredith tells a young Peter that his father was an angel made of light. As she passes, she tells him that his father would come to pick him up later. Yondu calls herself as beautiful as an angel, and literally comes to pick Peter up.

18 Missed: Feige & # 39; s Famous Pizza In Deadpool

News about buying Fox from Disney was what all people could talk about for a long time, and rightly so. The entertainment giant has slowly but surely built up its empire and acquired the rights to some of the most popular (and profitable) franchises.

In Deadpoolwhich was distributed by 20th Century Fox, Wade orders pizza to lure the pizza delivery boy Jeremy. While the mercenary threatens Jeremy, there is a shot that reveals that the pizza place is called Feige's Famous, a clear reference to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. The Disney / Fox deal was not set in motion when Deadpool came out, but the innocent little nod to Kevin Feige now seems a bit ominous.

17 Obvious: Uncle Ben & # 39; s Spiel In Spider-Man

There are a few time-honored traditions in superhero stories: father figures pass, and also love interests and sidekicks, but these tragedies will always be shadowed by a harsh speech. Perhaps the most famous instance of this is the story of Uncle Ben Spider Man.

Peter Parker is making a lot of changes. There is a high school, puberty and his renewed, healthy senses. Luckily uncle Ben got an impeccable timing and gave his nephew a memorable speech in the car. Concerned about the sudden behavioral changes of Peter, Uncle Ben tells Peter that he must be careful with the man he is going to and that he will take great responsibility with great force. Unfortunately, Peter does not listen to his words until it is too late.

16 Missed: Frozen Cap In The Incredible Hulk

It's hard to imagine a time before Mark Ruffalo started playing Bruce Banner, but Edward Norton actually played as the Hulk in the first appearance of the character in the MCU.

Despite the inconsistent casting, Marvel already had a plan to merge several storylines and drop hints everywhere. In the alternative opening of The Incredible HulkBruce travels to the Arctic because he has refrained from finding a cure. Before Bruce can end his own life, Hulk emerges and causes an avalanche. As the snow and ice fall down, you can catch a glimpse of a certain star-charged visor of vibrations in the lower left corner of the frame.

15 15: Clear: Surtur Trashing Asgard In Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok opens with Thor caught in chains like Surtur salons on his fiery throne. It is a quirky scene full of chatter that sets the tone for the rest of the episode of Taika Waititi in Thor's bow. Surtur was poetic about the inevitable fall of Asgard when he put his crown into the Eternal Flame. Thor clearly does not care, always harassing him as he spins around in his chains.

Surtur keeps on going on how Thor Ragnarok can not stop, and since the word is literally in the title of the film, it is quite clear that the prophecy will become a reality. Yes, that's true, although it comes with the added bonus of ending Hela's ruthless lordship over Asgard.

14 Missed: Project Pegasus And Project 42 In The Avengers

The Avengers is the culmination of years of planning and fans were understandably eager to see our favorite heroes work together. Captain America: Civil War came four years later, in which the inevitable story of the team about their views on the Sokovia agreements was recorded. It turned out that Marvel had already dropped some small hints in the run-up to the big disagreement of the Avengers.

In the opening scene of The Avengersthere is a sign with the text "Project Pegasus" during the evacuation. Agent Coulson hands Tony a number of files, including mentions of Project Pegasus and Project 42. Of course, Project Pegasus is the name of the Tesseract test site, but it is also a reference to the Civil war Arc in the strips.

13 Missed: Thanos & # 39; Fast Survivors In Captain America: Civil War

Whether Ruffalo & # 39; s infamous information may or may not slip Infinity War was staged or not, it certainly got everyone talking. He wanted to say something about half of the characters, but quickly changed things. Only half of the Avengers are cut out, so it seems that his last-minute change was a sort of save.

However, it would not have been a spoiler for the few eyes that caught up with this little hint Civil war. The Avengers come together with Thaddeus Ross and are told that the UN is about to make the Sokovia agreements. On one side of the table are War Machine, Black Widow, Cap and Iron Man, all of whom survive the snap of Thanos. Those on the other – Wanda, Vision and Falcon – all disintegrate.

12 Missed: "Immigrant Song" In Thor: Ragnarok

You might see Asgard's destruction in the hands of Surtur coming from miles away-after all, it's part of a prophecy-but the opening scene of Thor: Ragnarok has a hidden spoiler, especially during the battle between Thor and Surtur.

Led Zepplin & # 39; s "Immigrant" Song underlines the scene, and it certainly matches the heated fight that is raging. Moreover, it is inspired by Norwegian mythology. As it turns out, it also refers to the end of the film. The texts say "The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands."Of course, by that time Mjolnir is destroyed, but the Asgardians end up aboard a spaceship, transporting them away from the ruins of Asgard and to the earth.

11 Clearly: the fate of Gwen In The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Toby Maguire may have been replaced by Andrew Garfield after restarting Columbia Picture Spider Manbut in keeping with tradition there was enough awkward foreshadowing to go around. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2Gwen Stacy gives a speech about how temporary and fleeting life is, and how, despite feeling immortal, everyone must pass by. She even says that life is so valuable that it does not last forever. Do you understand? Because she is one of the many famous women in refrigerators & # 39; is.

Combined with Peter's ominous visions of Captain Stacy who chased him and warned him to stay away from Gwen, the & # 39; hint & # 39; right above it with the speech of Uncle Ben in a subtle way.

10 Missed: Spider-Man: Homecoming release date In Civil War

Like many of his colleagues in the MCU, Bucky Barnes has a tragic past that keeps coming back to haunt him. One of the most heartbreaking and powerful moments has to be when Bucky tries to resist being activated and becomes the Winter Solider again.

In this scene Civil war, Zemo catches Bucky and recites a list of words that scramble bucky until he is fully activated and under the control of Zemo. The Internet is buzzing with the potential meaning of every word, and as it turns out, among those words are "homecoming"And"seventeen. " Spider-Man: Homecoming came out in 2017.

9 Obvious: hope the wasp In Ant-Man

The mid-credit scene inside Anteman is meant as a taster for what is yet to come, what Hope van Dyne & # 39; s transformation to the Wasp indicates, but honestly, did not someone see that coming? First of all, Hope is clearly a version of Hope Pym, which is also known as Red Queen in the comics, so there is already a suspicion that she will become a kind of super-powerful human being. Second, her last name is van Dyne, and the film explicitly states that her mother was Wasp. Third, we see a silhouette of the wasp when Scott is in the quantum realm.

While Hope is picking up the mantle, it is not really a surprise, it is still an important step for the Wasp to become Marvel's first female title character.

8 Missed: The Sentinels In X-Men: The Last Stand

It is easy to forget that it X-Men films are technically Marvel films, although they are not part of the MCU, especially because they certainly have the complicated stories that fit the vast universe of Marvel. In X-Men: The Last Stand, Wolverine and Storm bring students into the Danger Room, where they fight against some Sentinels. In The gluttonXavier and Magneto, knowing that the Sentinels approach, ask Logan for his help. In Days of the future past, the Sentinels have already taken over the power and are doing great damage to the mutants.

What started as a little Easter egg for us to ghost over, proved to be one of the most important events in the world. X-Men franchise.

7 Missed: Shaw & # 39; s future In X-Men: First Class

To say that Erik Lehnsherr leads a difficult life is a big understatement. He is tormented from childhood by Sebastian Shaw and even loses his mother to the bad man. Erik's quest for revenge leads him to Shaw, who eventually comes to an end when Magneto pushes a coin in his head.

It is a review of the circumstances surrounding a traumatic event in Erik's childhood, but it is also early in the shadow. When we see the adult version of Erik for the first time, he takes a picture of Shaw with the coin, which lands exactly on Shaw's forehead. You may not have anticipated how Shaw's life ends, but Erik certainly thought about it a lot.

6 Obvious: The Infinity Gauntlet In Thor

The MCU is full of Easter eggs that do not necessarily have deeper meanings or are related to the films they are in. Therefore, many of these seemingly obvious clues are largely not recognized as anything other than nice little references. However, the appearance of the Infinity Gauntlet in the vault of Odin Thor fell on fans.

Apart from being colorful and visually striking, it was striking in comparison with other Easter eggs because of the ties with Thanos, one of the biggest baddies the Avengers ever encounter in the comics. Plus, the fact that they had to take the glove back Ragnarokif Hela points out that it is fake, it further underlines the meaning of the gag that goes forward.

5 Missed: Iceman comes out in X2: X-Men United

In X2, Wolverine, Rogue, Pyro and Iceman visit the parents of Iceman, who live in Boston. Bobby's parents try to surround their minds with Bobby's mutant powers, where his mother awkwardly tries to ask him when he first found out about his mutations.

It's a scene where fans have drawn parallels with LGBTQ experiences to come out to relatives, especially as there were fan theories in which Bobby had been gay for a while. Moreover, his love interest is Rogue, a girl he literally could not touch at all. It turns out that the scene in 2015 foreshadowed the revelation that Bobby is indeed gay. He joins the ranks of several other and proud mutants in the franchise, such as Northstar and Colossus.

4 Obvious: Cosmic Marvel In Iron Man

Vision came alive as a robot in a synthetic body of Vibranium thanks to Tony, who used parts of the remaining data from J.A.R.V.I.S. Before J.A.R.V.I.S meets his premature end-slash rebirth, he is primarily Tony's assistant.

J.A.R.V.I.S plays an important role for Tony when he is in his Iron Man suit. When Tony first tests the suit, he tries to see how well he can fly safely. J.A.R.V.I.S is there to ensure that he does not mess up, and he is also there to spoil Tony's final forage in space. J.A.R.V.I.S suggests that they improve the exosystems if Tony ever wants to visit other planets, and Tony certainly does.

3 Missed: Galaga In The Avengers

There have been many parodies of and jabs on the repetitive nature of the enemies that the Avengers and sci-fihelden look at in general. The enemy is often a kind of extraterrestrial that comes to Earth through a dimensional tunnel. The creature tries to conquer or destroy the planet with the help of stupid followers who obey every command.

It is a proven science fiction formula, and is even referred to at the beginning of it The Avengers. Tony catches a medical technician who shakes and plays Galaga at work. The aim of the game is to protect the earth from alien invaders, just like the Avengers do at the height of the film.

2 Obvious: Logan Music Box In Deadpool 2

Logan made waves as not only one of the most creepy superhero films ever scene, but also for displaying Wolverine's final end. It is a tear-jerker of a scene with Logan holding the hand of his daughter / clone Laura.

Of course, the Merc with a Mouth would refer to the death of the icon in its sequel. Deadpool 2 opens with a music box with a sick image of the death of Logan. It turns out that it is not just a homage or an irreverent poke on the mutant. It also refers to Deadpool & # 39; s own passage at the end of his film. Deadpool's false death even used the same music that was played when Wolverine breathed his last breath Logan.

1 Missed: Super Soldier Serum In The Incredible Hulk

Cap's cameo as a human popsicle in the alternative opening was eventually cut from the final version of The Incredible Hulk, but the film later has a hint to the appearance of Cap in the MCU. Like Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner, the main antagonist Emil Blonsky is injected with a serum designed to offer him extraordinary skills. In contrast to the good ones, the experiment goes terribly wrong for Blonsky, which causes him a lot of problems.

If you look closely, the serum is labeled with not only the words "Stark Industries & # 39 ;, but also the name of Dr. Reinstein. This is an alias of Dr. ir. Abraham Erskine, who later turns up Captain America to prepare the development of the Super Soldier serum.

What are some other spoilers at the beginning of Marvel films? Tell us in the comments!

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