3 reasons why PAS prefers PPBM over Umno

PETALING JAYA: Although it started by partnering with Umno in the Muakafat Nasional, PAS seems to prefer working in the Perikatan Nasional with PPBM, one analyst says.

There are three reasons for this, says Bridget Welsh of the University of Nottingham Malaysia.

The first is that PPBM has given PAS the largest political representation it has ever had at the federal level.

Second, PAS believes it has stronger electoral appeal than Umno, adding that the Islamist Party probably thinks its cooperation in Muafakat Nasional has helped Umno more than it has.

Bridget Welsh.

The third reason is that PPBM has allowed the PAS to participate in its agenda in terms of promoting Islamist politics. We see problems with the sale of alcohol and temples. These are things where they have been able to push their agenda, ”she told FMT.

Welsh added that these reasons were likely to explain PAS’s decision not to join Perak’s new government, likely to be headed by Umno, following the ouster of Menteri Besar Faizal Azumu.

Welsh said it was too early to determine if tensions between PAS and Umno would escalate to the federal and state levels due to the unpredictable nature of Malaysian politics, adding that only time will tell.

“The situation is constantly changing, it is very changeable. One day you are the enemy and the next a friend, then you are the enemy again. We see Malaysian politics that mostly take place behind the scenes, now in the open, ”she said.

She predicted there would be a state-level spillover. “There are five vulnerable states. You have to look at what is happening in Kedah and also the problems in Johor. These are important states to keep an eye on. “

She added that it was not yet clear who was the biggest winner at the change of government in Perak, although new relationships may emerge there.

James Chin.

James Chin of the Asia Institute at the University of Tasmania said PAS just wanted to remain part of the government, which is why they are still part of the Perikatan Nasional federal government for now.

He also told FMT that PAS was not friends with PPBM or Umno, but simply wanted to remain in a position of power to push for more Islamization.

“PAS has no loyalty. It will dump PPBM on one condition: that it can stay in government.

“PAS wants a government that is completely Malay or Islam oriented. Therefore, they were more than happy to bring down the old Pakatan Harapan government because they thought that government had too much non-Malaysian and non-Muslim influence, ”he said.

Faizal lost the confidence of the state assembly in Perak after 48 members voted against him in a vote of confidence. There were 10 votes in support of Faizal and one spoiled voice.

PAS Secretary General Takiyuddin Hassan said the party will not be part of the new state government, adding that all three assembly members had backed Faizal during the motion.

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