A new keto-breathalyzer of $ 100 could finally make the low-carb diet easier to manage, Business Insider

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  • The keto diet is a low-carbohydrate diet in which about 70% to 80% of the daily calories are eaten from fat and almost zero from carbohydrate and sugar intake.
  • Ideally, this stimulates the body for a fat-burning state called ketosis, where fat is burned as fuel.
  • But it can be difficult to know if you are in the fat-burning metabolic state.
  • A new breathalyzer test is meant to help people find out if they are doing the diet right.

For years dieters have essentially had one tool to measure their success: the cruel bathroom scales.

Progress is measured in whole kilograms and it can take weeks or months to know if a new food plan is working.

For the increasingly popular low-fat keto diet with low carbohydrate content, there is another method: determine whether your body is in the desired fat-burning keto state, called ketosis. A new breathalyzer, called the Keyto, could help.

Ketosis is the natural starvation mode of the body when people burn fat storage sites as fuel. But ketosis can also happen when we eat very few carbohydrates, which act as a fast-burning, sugar-containing energy source. Starved for starchy foods such as bread, pasta and beans, the body instead reaches fat to burn.

Some keto-lineers use acid-measuring urine strips to find out if they are in fat burning mode, but the plastests are not exact and not always reliable. Other keto-lineers acquire more expensive diabetic blood test machines, which are more accurate, but also more painful.

More and more people discover that you do not need blood or urine to find out whether you have reached a desired keto condition. Instead, you can use the natural response of the body to keto: bad breath.

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One of the ketones that a body produces in a state of ketosis is the chemical acetone. In addition to a very popular nail polish remover ingredient, acetone is one of the basic by-products that a body that converts fat into fuel excretes in a state of ketosis.

Simply repeat an alcohol breathalyzer test, which normally measures for ethanol on the breath, to one that measures for acetone, and you can get instant keto diet feedback.

At least that is what San Francisco cardiologist Ethan Weiss, who lost 20 pounds to the keto diet, recently told Business Insider. Weiss is behind the new Keyto breathalyzer.

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Weiss says the breathalyzer test has produced shocking results for him, and he did not even try to go to keto.

"I did not … try to lose weight or think of losing weight, I was just trying to see if I could get my breathing score up, and after about a week or so I'd lost five or eight pounds, & # 39, Weiss said, "I bought new clothes by the end of a month."

The new breath test is not completely waterproof. It can give false measurements after a person drinks alcohol (since most alcohol contains a reasonable amount of sugar, keto-dieters can not drink too much.) Keyto is certainly not the only Keto breathalyzer on the market, either.

Weiss is convinced that, in combination with the company's new app, the breath test will have the advantage over the competition. In addition to giving breath measurements, the app includes ideas for meal planning and a library of about 10,000 foods, so that people on a diet can look up whether the food they are going to eat is keto-safe.

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But above all, it gives dieters feedback quickly and painlessly. For example, one morning after Weiss accidentally ate his breaded chicken for dinner, his breathalyzer score dropped. Weiss knew quickly that the chicken was not keto-safe.

Devices are not ready to try, but should be available in early January for those who support the company's crowdfunding campaign for $ 99 per pop.

In 2019, the Keyto team plans to massively market the device on the corporate website at a steeper price point of $ 150.

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