All MCU films that Aquaman has already recorded at the Box Office

Aquarius has absolutely ripped it off at the checkout because it was released abroad last month. This was really the success DC needed. Although it can be shocking that a film about a character that has been mercilessly ridiculed in pop culture for years will make endless more than the previous Superman film at the box office, it can also come as a film. a surprise to hear how many films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe there are Aquarius has already been surpassed.

We do not have the most up-to-date figures for the current international box office grosses of the film, but with the extra $ 10.1 million that director James Wan's Aquarius withdrawn on New Year's Eve, the domestic total stands at $ 199.5 million, to go along with the already huge $ 562.4 million international flight. That gives us a total of at least $ 761.9 million. And that is better than ten of the 20 films that make up the MCU, which started Iron Man back in 2008. In the past decade, Marvel Studios has become the gold standard for superhero films, but with Aquariusthe tides may turn a bit.

That figure of $ 761.9 million, which will grow quite a lot in the coming days, is already taking effect Aquarius for Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($ 714.3 million), Doctor Strange ($ 677.7 million), Thor: The Dark World ($ 644.6 million), Iron Man 2 ($ 623.9 million), last year Ant-Man and the Wasp ($ 622.7 million) and the movie that started it all, Iron Man ($ 585.2 million). Below that mark we come to some of the slightly less impressive earners in the MCU, such as Anteman ($ 519.3 million), Thor ($ 449.3 million), Captain America: The First Avenger ($ 370.6 million) and The Incredible Hulk ($ 263.4 million).

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Point is, Aquarius all these Marvel submissions have already been overtaken and probably by the time I finished writing this sentence, the original Guardians of the Galaxy will have passed, raising $ 773.3 million and being a great success at the time was seen. expectations. Needless to say, Aquarius has already exceeded expectations. If the trend continues, the first solo performance by Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry can reach the top of the $ 1 billion mark before the run is completed. If not, it will come very close.

That means it could still catch Thor like Ragnarok ($ 854 million), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($ 863.8 million) and Spider-Man: Homecoming ($ 880.2 million). But actually this would not be about Marvel vs. DC must go. This proves that the public is just as hungry as ever, or even hungrier, for good comic book films, regardless of which publisher originally started the character. This superhero movie is far from ready to pop, or it seems so. This is good for everyone.

For Warner Bros. this was the saving grace they hoped for after the lax response Justice Leagueboth critically and at the cash register. One thing to mention is that Aquarius, which at the moment with an approval percentage of 64 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, is still a bit further the critical totem pole than many of the MCU films that it is overrepresented, but it is certainly a huge step in the right direction. Then Again if Venus, 855 million dollars later, has taught us something, it is that critics and cinema goers sometimes do not even come face to face. Anyway, Aquarius is a certifiable hit and it is (finally) the time for DC to shine. These numbers are provided by Box Office Mojo.

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