Axl Rose says that Queen is the biggest band of all time

As the last and potential final stage of the "Not in this life" tour comes to an end, Guns N & # 39; Roses singer Axl Rose gave a rare interview in which he was asked who he once saw as the greatest frontman ever.

"It's easy for me – Queen is the best band and Freddie [Mercury] is the biggest frontman of all time, "says Rose Atlas by Etihad. "The band is the best because they have embraced so many different styles."

Rose has long been a fan of Queen and in 1992 he performed "Bohemian Rhapsody" with Queen and Elton John during the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for charity benefit concert for AIDS. Later in the show, he and Guns N & # 39; joined Queen for a dazzling rendition of & # 39; We Will Rock You & # 39 ;. Both versions can be viewed below.

Elsewhere in the interview, which was given in the run-up to the performance of GNR in the Arena in Abu Dhabi last Sunday (November 25), Rose was asked where the band still wants to bring their live show, and what their favorite is city to play.

"We have toured the world a few times, but there are always places where we have not yet acted," he said. "We played Iceland for the first time this year and we play Hawaii for the first time this December – there are always places to go New York will always be special to me When we were in LA we played Hollywood club scene, but New York is where we wanted to be, we've done so many performances over the years – the city has many memories. "

Rose also revealed how the band maintains their endurance for such long draws and says: "We all want to do the best we can for the fans – they want a great performance and that's what we want to give each other to go further in terms of our performance and dedication, no matter how many performances you do, every crowd is different and you feed that. "

Unfortunately for fans in Abu Dhabi, the Guns concert there had to be demolished after a little over a dozen songs when Rose became "seriously ill". The tour resumes on Thursday (November 29) in Johannesburg, South Africa and closes on December 8 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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