Everything you can expect from Season 2

With Rocket League closing the chapter of a very successful season 1, a new chapter starts with season 2 with a lot of exciting stuff!

Season 1 of Rocket League has really been extremely enjoyable to play in recent months. The new way Psyonix has presented the in-game challenges this season has been better than ever before.

The introduction of several rarity drops that allow gamers to receive in-game items for free without spending a penny is also another major change that Psyonix did well over the past season. Finally, we cannot forget to mention how Rocket League to play for free, adding scheduled tournaments that will test your skills against others around the world, while also earning tournament rewards along the way.

As you can see, season 1 has had more to do Rocket League than ever before. Season 1 will end in less than a week, but the good news is that Season 2 starts on December 9.

Psyonix has some new and exciting things planned for Season 2. To start with, there’s a new music soundtrack coming courtesy of DJ Kaskade. With the new music comes the introduction of player hymns as well. This is something I think could have been added to it Rocket League a while ago and in my opinion that’s something I can’t wait to mess with.

Player Anthems allows Rocket League gamers to choose a song from the Rocket League soundtrack to play after scoring a goal. Customization is always something that people are looking for in a game. Make it where you can have your own Rocket League target song is something I can’t wait to explore. Although the only target songs you can choose are numbers from the Rocket League soundtrack, makes scoring even more special and fun.

I am always a fan of new arenas in video games. Adding new arenas or maps to video games is a way to change the environment and give the game a new look and feel without having to change mechanics. Season 2 introduces a brand new one Rocket League arena called Neon Fields Arena. As you can probably deduce, the whole arena is neon with all kinds of neon colored lights. You can never go wrong with neon lights. Neon has the feel of a party and I can’t wait to play in this very bright arena!

Rocket Labs is also expected to return in Season 2, along with a new Rocket Pass, featuring more than 70 upgrades and both free and premium features. The Rocket Pass is a big part of it Rocket League nowadays and the more you level it, the better and more interesting items will be at your disposal. If you decide that you are going to buy the Rocket Pass and choose the premium version over the free version, you will get an R3MX. The R3MX is the newest car in the game and the final version of the car will be unlocked at level 70.

There will also be new tournament rewards, tournament improvements, and other improvements and additions throughout Season 2. There are many new and exciting things to make you happy Rocket League Season 2 and expect Psyonix to do just as well, if not better, than the first season of Epic Games. After all these changes and additions will make their debut, which of them are you most excited about?

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