PKR man lashes out at Warisan for voting on the budget

Sabah PKR’s Razeef Rakimin chose the Warisan whip Rozman Isli due to the absence of Warisan MPs in two divisional votes in the Dewan Rakyat.

PETALING JAYA: A Sabah PKR youth leader has knocked down Warisan after his MPs took a budget vote on Monday to show their dissatisfaction with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Razeef Rakimin, Sabah PKR Youth’s information chief, chose the Warisan whip Rozman Isli, saying the latter’s excuse was childish.

“This is not the first time I have rebuked the leaders of Warisan for their arrogance, and in fact I was told such behavior would be their downfall. And this is what happened in the last state elections, ”he said in a statement.

Earlier today, Rozman, who is the Labuan MP, told Malaysiakini that their absence was deliberate to “send a signal” to Pakatan Harapan, saying Warisan was tired of infighting in the opposition bloc.

He also said the party was frustrated by Anwar over the “last-minute instructions” to opposition MPs last week when the federal budget was voted on in the policy phase.

“We’re still in the opposition block, but we want to signal to our opposition leadership that we don’t want to be pushed around and I don’t think they are making the right strategy (or) the right moves,” Rozman was quoted as saying.

Rozman added that Warisan MPs would sit on the block votes “for an indefinite period of time.”

But Razeef said it was not the time for politicization just because people are not satisfied with their ally. “The people voted for you to represent them in the Dewan Rakyat, so take your responsibility.”

He said they did not rule out the possibility that Warisan MPs had been driven by Dr. last Thursday.

“I would like to remind them to prioritize the people rather than the interests of certain individuals,” Razeef said.

The estimates for the Prime Minister’s Department were approved with a vote of 105-95 for the wards with 20 absent MPs, while the Treasury Department estimates were approved, also in one ward, with 107-95 with 18 absent.

Warisan has eight MPs.

PKR’s Christina Liew says family affairs kept her away

Sabah PKR Chairman Christina Liew said she was absent from the ballots because she was in Sabah on family matters for a relative undergoing surgery.

Liew, who is a Member of Parliament for Tawau, was one of the Sabah MPs who were not present when the vote was taken.

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