Proton X50 – 1,756 units delivered in November, 2,203 since launch; now at the top of the B-segment SUV markets

The Proton X50 SUV has sailed straight to the top of the B-segment SUV market. According to the latest press release from the national automaker, it delivered 1,756 units of the X50 in November, while total deliveries since launch are 2,203 units.

At launch, Proton said it aimed to produce 8,000 X50 units in November and December 2020, but it is unclear whether the target can be met. Addressing this, Roslan Abdullah, CEO of Proton Edar said: “Granted, deliveries of the Proton X50 have not been ramped up to maximum capacity, but we are considered in our approach to ensure our customers are getting the best product that meets their expectations. “

“Still, we aim to increase our volume every month to reduce waiting times, so we recommend everyone to remain patient,” he added. At the end of October, Proton said it had amassed nearly 28,000 bookings for the X50, 20,000 of which were placed in the first two weeks of opening the order books.

To recap, the X50 is priced at RM 79,200 for the base 1.5T Standard, RM 84,800 for the Executive, RM 93,200 for the Premium and RM103,300 for the 1.5 TGDi Flagship. Prices in East Malaysia are RM2,000 higher across the board. These prices are on-the-road without insurance, including maximum sales tax exemption valid until December 31st.

If you’re interested in the X50, feel free to check out our spec-by-spec in the video above. You can also click here to access the full list of X50-related posts, or even compare the X50’s maintenance costs to the X70 and Honda CR-V over five years / 100,000 miles. Otherwise, just scroll through the full specifications and equipment of the new Proton X50

Meanwhile, other top models in the segment include the X70 (C-segment SUV) with 2,157 sold in November, while the Exora (C-segment MPV) saw 629 new deliveries. For the month of November, it has sold 11,411 vehicles, a figure that includes both the domestic and export markets. This is an increase of 18% compared to the same period in 2019, when 9,643 copies were sold.

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