Sony's Xperia XZ4 crushes the benchmarks and beats other Snapdragon 855 phones

Xperia XZ4 from Sony has leaked into an AnTuTu benchmark and despite the fact that it shakes the same Snapdragon 855 chip that we expect from other phones, it is somehow higher than other devices. We are not talking about scoring within the margin of error, either; Sony crushes it with 10%.

Typically, the Leeuwebek 855 scores around 360,000 in an AnTuTu benchmark. That is pretty good, and it is suitable for one of the most advanced mobile CPUs available for smartphones. But Sony's Xperia XZ4 clocked in at 395,721, which is equal to 10% better. Maybe this is just a test device with an unstable overclock that does not make the production models, maybe Sony cheats on benchmarks to generate some early newspapers, or maybe there is really only one insane optimization that the XZ4 division is going to do.

No matter how you cut it, we expect the XZ4 to be unveiled soon, so Sony will have to reveal what they have done. CES 2019 is in a few days, so maybe the curtain will be withdrawn.

Before this benchmark, we had heard that the Xperia XZ4 will have an aspect ratio of 21: 9 with no notch on the screen, a triple camera layout and a possible in-display fingerprint scanner.

via: GizChina

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