The first look of King of Fighters 15 reveals 5 returning KOF characters

SNK offered a taste of it The king of Fighters 15, the next entry in the 26-year-old fighting game franchise, on Thursday, featuring five characters from the game’s roster. Officially, that includes King of Fighters veterans Kyo and Benimaru, as well as relative newcomer Shun’ei, who debuted in The King of Fighters 14.

Two other characters also appear in the SNK teaser trailer, but were not confirmed by producer Yasuyuki Oda and creative director Eisuke Ogura: Leona and K ‘.

Oda and Ogura did not show any images of it KOF15 in action; instead, the producer and director showed early artworks with new designs for Kyo, Benimaru and Shun’ei. Ogura also confirmed that Shun’ei will be the protagonist of the next King of Fighters game. The duo did not announce any platforms for KOF15.

Artwork by K 'for The King of Fighters 15

K ‘from KOF15
Image: SNK

Artwork by Leona from The King of Fighters 15

Image: SNK

Ogura said the way teams are composed KOF15 Will be “vastly different” from the previous game, and that the next entry will be SNK’s “most ambitious KOF to date”.

SNK plans to get the first images of The King of Fighters 15 on January 7, 2021. The same revelation also offers a look in Samurai Shodownseason pass 3 characters, including one character from SNKs The last Sheet and a brand new hunter.

The most recent game in the KOF franchise was released in 2016. The King of Fighters 14 was available in arcades, and on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. That game featured 16 teams, with 58 fighters in total including downloadable content.

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