This is what happens when you choose an ignorant man to become MB, MIC says after a ban comment

Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md. Nor said MIC should be banned if the party incites people to break the law. (Photo Bernama)

GEORGE TOWN: MIC President S Vigneswaran today condemned the Kedah menteri besar for saying the party should be banned if it incites people to break the law, over an issue of temple demolition and lack of funding for non- Islamic places of worship in the state.

Yesterday, Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, commenting to the MIC that questioned the demolition of a Hindu temple in Kuala Kedah by the city council, said the party was only trying to gain popularity by urging others to oppose to go into law on illegally built places of worship in the state.

Vigneswaran said, “This is what happens when you choose an ignorant man to be the MB. We have the right to ask because freedom of worship is enshrined in the federal constitution.

“If defending the rights of our community can be seen as incitement, then PAS should be banned, judging by the number of demonstrations they have held on international issues and allegations that some of them are associated with terrorists.

“PAS is showing its true colors and it is not surprising that the DAP was unable to work with them because of their arrogance.

‘Go ahead, try to ban us and see. But if he (Sanusi) fails to ban us, then he should resign as MB, ”he said when contacted.

MIC president S Vigneswaran says if Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor fails to banish the party, he must resign.

Vigneswaran said the issue raised by the MIC over the temple’s demolition should have been dealt with civilly, rather than Sanusi ranting against the party.

“This is what you get when immature people become MB. Does he still remember his party chairman promising earlier not to demolish a temple? ” he asked.

Vigneswaran said that six months ago, prior to founding Perikatan Nasional, PAS should realize it was a “nobody”.

Separately, P Ramasamy of the DAP said Sanusi’s response to a simple question about the demolished temple showed that the PAS-led government was keen to cause havoc among non-Muslims in Kedah.

He said it was wrong to say that a group or party, in this case the MIC, was urging people to break the law or gain popularity, while demanding only fair rights for ethnic Indian citizens.

“This is just the wild and careless fantasy of Sanusi, who has turned out to be an ineffective leader in Kedah.

“Indians are angry and angry simply because more temples in the state have been demolished compared to the earlier BN and later PH governments.

If authorities can demolish temples, some of which are more than hundreds of years old, do you expect Indians to offer the proverbial other cheek? Sorry, Indians are not Gandhi’s reincarnation. “

FMT has contacted the MB and its office for comment.

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