The grandfather of Taiwan catches them all on Pokémon Go on 15 phones – World

TAIPEI (Reuters): Chen San-yuan turns and cycles through a suburb of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

The reason why? At the front of his bike are 15 mobile phones that Chen, 70, used to play the augmented reality game at the same time Pokemon Go.

For the smartphone-based game, players must capture animated characters & # 39; displayed in real locations.

Known as Pokemon Grandpa, video's of Chen and his fan-shaped phone setup bikes between "Pokestops" are viral on the internet and made him a minor celebrity in the district of Tucheng, where he lives.

"I used a cell phone and then continued to play and play," Chen said, dressed in a crisp white long-sleeved shirt with long pants, Reuters Television on a recent outing.

"After a month it became three mobile phones, six mobile phones, nine mobile phones, twelve and then fifteen," he said, referring to his grandson by offering him Pokemon Go in 2016.

Chen said his equipment cost more than US $ 4,800 and he spends about US $ 300 per month on virtual currency to use in the game.

When he plays on multiple phones, he can reach higher levels faster in the game and he can catch rarer creatures, he said.

The retiree said he sometimes plays all night thanks to the custom-made portable battery packs that charge the phones.

Chen's fellow players are amazed about his energy.

"He can provide fifteen mobile phones at once," says Shih Wun-sheng, 45.

"From going home until his return home, Chen can stay energetic for six to seven hours, do not feel tired, that's really impressive."

Pokemon Go, jointly developed by Nintendo Co and Niantic Inc, is so far the biggest hit in games that use the so-called augmented reality, where digital characters are added to the real world. – Reuters

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