Activate phase one of environmental consequences in the northeast of the valley of Mexico

the Secretariat of Mexico City's environment On Tuesday it started the first phase of the environmental consequences in the northeast of the Valley of Mexico.

This is because that area has exceeded the PM10 particle limit in the area, just on the first day of 2019.

the Environmental committee of the megalopolis (Came) reported that the high pollution rates were due to the fact that during the night of 31 December and the early morning of 1 January extraordinary emissions were generated by pyrotechnics, bonfires and burning of other materials.

To this generation of pollutants was added the presence of a thermal inversion of the surface and a system of high pressure that affects the center of the country for several days, making the diffusion of pollutants difficult.

the Atmospheric monitoring system He explained that the most polluted areas are the municipalities of Coacalco and Nezahualcóyotl in the state of Mexico.

He said that the first phase of environmental consequences will only be continued in the afternoon and evening.
He explained that, according to weather forecasting models, this situation will be maintained during the day and part of the morning of tomorrow.

With information from Felipe Rodea.

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