After years of being banned, Televisa forgives a galon of soap operas and returns to record

Mexico City.- After finishing the telenovela recordings In wild countries in 2017, until Horacio Pancheri he was no longer seen in a project of Televisa, as it was only revealed last March that it had been vetoed for bad behavior.

This came to light after the producer Giselle Gonzlez call him up for the casting of Empire of LiesHowever, he came across the news about the employment situation of the Argentinian actor.

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Pancheri, for his part, did not stay with crossed arms and started recording series for other production houses such as The game with keys, in 2019, and De Brutas Nothing, which just premiered on Amazon Prime.

But not all is bad news, as everything indicates that the girl was already forgiven by Televisa, as he will appear in La Mexicana en el Gero, the graduate play Rodrigo Avellaneda.

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While neither Televisa nor Horacio Pancheri have made any statement about it, fans and fans of the artist are happier than ever with his return to the production house.

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