Alleged leakage of NPD suggest that Nintendo Switch would have sold more than just PS4 and Xbox One in the United States in December –

It seems that, like the previous month, the first sales data from the NPD Group, which records monthly sales in the United States, seems to have been leaked for the account. Although they have not been officially confirmed, the final data are not expected to fluctuate too much in relation to this initial information, taking into account what happened at the beginning of December.

Now to the data that has been shared Nintendo Switch would be the best selling console of the month of December in the United Statesbut not only that: the report would also share that the sale of this platform in the past month would exceed that of PS4 and Xbox One.

This would be possible because these early data indicate that Nintendo Switch has been sold more than 2 million consoles in the United States in December 2018, while Xbox One remained with about 1 million and PS4 just under 1 million. We will be alert to share the official report with you to confirm that these initial data are 100% correct.

Meanwhile, what do you think? Do you see this information?

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