Arturo Herrera. As long as the president “holds me,” I will remain Secretary of the Treasury

Arturo Herrera Gutierrez, holder of the Secretariat of Finance and Government Credit (SHCP), excluded that he step down from office, as claimed by a columnist, and stated that while the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador Wait a minute, I’ll continue to lead the unit.

Herrera Gutiérrez pointed this out in a press conference led by the President of the National Palace For a calling economist, the greatest privilege is to be Secretary of the Treasury.

For an economist with a vocation in the public sector, there could hardly be greater privilege and responsibility than with the Ministry of Finance. That is true in all circumstances, but it is much more true in the circumstances in which we live. the president “hold me,” I’ll be close. ”

In the treasury, Arturo Herrera Gutierrez He explained that he got it yesterday column in which he indicated that he would be quitting his job soon, but since he claimed to have misinformation, he didn’t read it out.

“Regarding what I appreciate yesterday, I understand that a columnist has sent me good wishes, but it is not my birthday. The truth is, I didn’t even read the note because they sent it to me via WhatsApp and the first two paragraphs had an error in it, so I stopped reading it because it said I went to the Board of the World Bank was going to (but) the position on the Board of Directors for years to come, it’s not for Mexico, it’s from Spain, so since I already had such bad information, I’m not reading it anymore, ”he said.

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