Club América: “Mauro Lainez is not a player for the Eagles”, the harsh remark of Héctor Huerta

After the elimination for the Chivas Rayadas from Guadalajara, the America club announced with much fanfare his first reinforcement for the Closure 2021 and the Concacaf Champions League with the arrival of Mauro Lainez, left winger for the past few seasons in the Xolos from Tijuana.

Lainez’s signing divided opinions among Azulcrema fans as many of them don’t see Mauro Lainez with enough poster to be part of Club América, an opinion supported by ESPN journalist Héctor Huerta, who assured Mauro that does not have the level necessary to be a solution to the problems of the Eagles.

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“Note that there are players who are not for América, who are not at the level that América has. He has already shown it with the Bear González, Luis Fuentes, that they will meet it, they are professionals, they have a neat career and can be useful but they really don’t solve anything for you, they are not solution players, they are not Guido Rodríguez, Bruno Valdez, Marchesín, that It’s the level America should be looking for.

Huerta’s criticism was more aimed at Águilas’ board of directors, recalling that the latest additions of this type did not make a valuable contribution to the US squad, although he accepted that they were players with a ‘conforming’ profile, which he does not believe . that’s enough to help the Eagles.

“I think with this squad he had, this tournament was so run down, with players like Ibargüen that what he did in a Liguilla match is shameless, it was to get him out in 5 minutes. It’s not that (Lainez) is better than Ibargüen, Ibargüen might be better, but if he doesn’t feel like it, if Roger Martínez doesn’t feel like it, what Mario Carrill says is correct, something is happening in the coaching staff, either it doesn’t convince them or not He’s leading them, ”Huerta launched.

To condemn, Huerta sent a ‘stick’ aimed at Miguel Herrera because, like Mario Carrillo, he believes that El Piojo has lost power in the azulcrema dressing room because he can’t convince the players to believe in his project.

“Tuca Ferretti rules in Tigres and it’s very clear, the players get it that way. I don’t know if in America they think Piojo Herrera is in charge, because they tie his hands better, they don’t let him make decisions and this leads to it. that they don’t give themselves up, there are players who don’t want to be there, they have to be kicked out of the team, ”he said in conclusion.

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