COPD causes more deaths than breast cancer: your doctor

the Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)is a condition that makes breathing more difficult and if it is not treated quickly, it can cause complications. It affects 251 million people in the world and about 10% of them are Mexican.

According to Gabriel Escobedo Arenas, coordinator of the Clinic of obstructive pulmonary diseases of the National Medical Center La Raza del IMSS, the most important task of doctors is prevention.

In case they can not be prevented, an early diagnosis is important to treat the patient in a timely manner and prevent complications to reduce the risk of death of people.

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Main causes of COPD

It is a preventable and treatable disease, but without cure and must increase the knowledge of this state of health in order to improve and facilitate access to treatments in favor of the quality of life of people

The main causes are the smoking, passive and active smokers, as well as the exposure to wood smoke in the home. Even, 90% of the construction workers they are affected because they smoke and come into contact with dust, solvents related to the construction.

It is the third cause of international mortality, while in Mexico it was the ninth cause of death in 2014, the seventh death in 2015 and the eighth in 2016. Likewise, it is the eighth cause of men and fifth among women

In women, it causes 11,122 deaths, in addition to those caused by breast cancer and from the cervix. the COPD affects people of functional productive age, which gradually reduces the quality of life of patients.

In the beginning it is acceptable but causes it loss of energy, loss of sleep, reduces independence, reduces cognitive function. It also affects the quality of life and family relationships. According to Dr. Escobedo is the one Poverty because it affects the lung development of children through wood smoke.

The development of the lungs ends up to 8 years and if they are exposed to it tobacco smoke of parents and wood smoke is incomplete. So the development of COPD in the adult phase is very big.

On the other hand Ricardo Lemus Rangel, lung doctor assigned to Department of Pneumology of the National Medical Center La Raza del IMSS, ensures that the level of air deficiency, mucus and cough is examined when making the diagnosis.

The role of doctors opposite COPD, it is to reduce the symptoms, improve the tolerance for exercise and health. As well as reducing risks, preventing the progression of the disease, preventing and treating exacerbations and reduce mortality.

Lemus Rangel notes that 40% of people die during or during exacerbations. Hence the importance of preventing progress and treating exacerbations. In addition, 60% of patients with COPD have poor compliance due to the administration of the treatment.


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The type of treatment improves people's health

They are ideal treatments apply once a day and with ultraprolonged action because they improve therapy adherence. That is, patients feel more at ease with treatments of a single application per day and more effectively.

The experts stressed the importance of bringing a state of consciousness to people to stop smoking. Also to be vaccinated influenza, pneumococcus and provide information so that you know your condition better.

In the same way, provide a program for pulmonary rehabilitation, recommend a exercise program appropriate to your condition, as well as a nutritional support that helps the patient to a better recovery.

How do you know if you have to go to a review?

Multiply the average number of cigarettes per day that you smoked in your highest season for the active smoker's age, this is divided by 20. If a number is higher than 10, you should consult a doctor.

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