DLAR prize today Friday 27 November 2020; exchange rate

The price of U.S. dollar starts next Friday, November 27, 2020 at 20.0171 Mexican pesos. with a gain of 0.45 peso at the start of the day this day.

The Mexican currency is for sale at 19.5517 pesos and for sale at 20.0171 pesos, according to the average number of financial institutions in our country.

The daily range varies between 18.9015 and 20.6665 pesos per dollar.

The peso lost 0.45 cents against the dollar, compared to Thursday, November 26

Mexican peso losing ground due to Covid-19

The peso has depreciated from yesterday to today as a result of the markets’ attention to the growing number of Covid-19 coronavirus cases in the world and its economic impact.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the United States, so the financial markets remained closed, significantly reducing liquidity in the currency market. This low currency market liquidity will persist until Friday’s session as the markets in the United States will close prematurely.

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