Ex de Facundo breaks the NETWORKS in PHOTO with sleek sports outfit; looks spectacular!

The beautiful ex girlfriend from Facundo boasted a set on his Instagram account sport- In aqua green color that made everyone happy. The best is that clothes According to the influencer, it is ecological, it is made from recycled plastic material and collected from the seas.

Delia Garcia, belongs to the comedian and actor Facundo, surprised his followers by showing himself in a completely ecological sports outfit. The comedian’s famous ex-girlfriend took the opportunity to send a message and raise awareness about the environment and recycling.

So in addition to showing off that tight outfit, he could also invite his followers to become aware of the damage we are doing to the planet and how we can help with actions like this, like buying recycled clothing.

“Good ideas make sense, who would think that the plastic from the bottom of the oceans can be collected and turned into threads to make this set,” is part of the text accompanying the publication, which was well received by fans, who have applauded his work.

The Relationship Between Delia García and Facundo

The sports influencer, and former participant of the reality show “La Isla”, met Facundo in 2017 and it is known how long after they started a relationship. In the middle of this year, rumors that the couple had split up began to grow and in October the comedian clarified his situation.

Facundo He spoke about the “Ventaneando” program and explained that the quarantine had been deadly to their relationship. Although he didn’t speak of a breakup, he showed that as a couple they were far apart, yet were best friends.

When asked if they were done he said if something ends you won’t see each other again and ‘we are still best friends’

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