How to block notifications while using the camera


You are definitely called or bombarded by WhatsApp messages while recording a video or taking a photo. Of course, Android does not allow blocking notifications when the camera is activated, but There is a fairly simple method to do it, it does not require root and it's completely free. We only need an application and a little less than five minutes to configure it. A unique configuration that is stored in our device forever, until we delete the app or change the parameters that we have changed.

The trick also applies to games, applications and everything you can think of, because what we are going to do is automate two tasks, similar to what we achieve with applications such as IFTTT. In this case, the process is even simpler, so you only need to download a few lines to find out How to block notifications while using the camera.

MacDroid helps us with that

The first thing you need to do is download MacDroid: automation. The application has more than a million downloads and a score of 4.5 stars out of 5, not bad. After installation, the weight in our case is 44.42 megabytes, so you will not have too many storage problems with it. After installing it you have to open it and get access to a fairly simple interface, as you can see in the image below.


Within this interface we have access to the menu of add macro. The macro's are the automations that we are going to make, something similar, as we already expected, on the IFTTT recipes. In this case, we will default by opening the macro's position in the places section activators. In this menu we click on applicationsand we must grant full accessibility permits for the application. Once the permits have been granted, we will continue.

After pressing the application menu We will see a menu with four options. Of all we select only those from open / close application. Within this another submenu that we have left marked as the option of applicationand click accept. The application searches the list with our applications and selects the camera application. We have already done the first part of the process, we have told the system that something will happen when we open the camera application.


The next step is to make the system clear what will happen when we open that application. For this we go to the next menu, actions. In this menu we will look for the option volume, and within that we will select set the priority mode. This is the no-bother mode of our Android, which can be configured to handle only the most important calls, and messages are suppressed-we can even block the banners, which is the most annoying when using the camera.

Create macro & # 39; s with MacDroid

Ready, now we just have to confirm the macro in the Restrictions section, submenu that we will not touch any more than to confirm the options we have made. Once the process is complete, we have told the system that when the camera application is opened, the mode is activated do not disturb, something incredibly convenient, so that notifications are no problem while recording video or taking a photo.

It is important that you create the opposite macro, otherwise the Do Not Disturb mode will remain active. To do this, you must follow the same process, but change the function of the priority mode. In this case we will activate the option all. In this way when we open the camera, the phone will block messages and when it closes, the phone will return to the sound mode.

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