The first days you use your new one Android smartphone, everything tends to work wonders, but over time it is inevitable that your phone's performance will eventually decrease. It's clear that nothing will be like the first day for many reasons, battery and memory wear, installed applications and games that require more resources … But it is possible to solve the performance problem, at least in part.

There are many ways Optimize Android so that everything goes better. There are more simple and others more elaborated. In each case depending on the problem that has your phone, the solution will go through some sort of trick that we list below.

Restart the phone

It may seem silly, but if you think about it, your smartphone is busy almost all day, and although its operation is partially similar to that of a computer, they have things in common, such as the ability to easily improve your Android's performance. restart the device.

It is the simplest, easiest and fastest solution and you will be surprised about the performance problems of Android that you can easily solve restart your smartphone.

Update Android and applications

The low performance or speed of your mobile device may be related to the Android operating system or one of the applications and games you have installed. Therefore, if you use the updated software, you might solve problems related to the speed of your smartphone.

To check if you have the latest version of Android available for your smartphone, you should do this Settings> System> Advanced Settings> System Update. You can also be inside Settings> System> Telephone Information.

In the case of applications and games, you can manually check whether they are up-to-date Google Play push the button Menu> My applications and games. Applications that need to be updated show the button -update.

Another very useful option with regard to applications is that of remove those games and apps come from the factory. Some of them are bloatware what we don't pay attention to, but there it is, use system resources. The same applies to applications that you no longer use. If you don't need them, eliminate them.

Clear the application cache

It is possible that the excessive use of the cache let apps slow down our smartphone By removing the cache, we can optimize Android to make it work better.

The procedure is relatively simple. from Settings> Applications and notifications, we select the application one by one and then we go inside storage area. There we find an option called cache. Press on the button Clear cache Maybe your Android works better.

Disable animated background and widgets

One of the most visually attractive but most used sources of your smartphone is the animated background. The animated backgrounds are very good, but if the performance of your smartphone is not what you want, try changing the background with a image or still photography. You can do it Settings> Display> Background.

Widgets also consume resources. Since then, try to use only the most important ones more widgets, more use of resources: memory, storage, connections to the internet …

Factory restoration

Similar to the restart, but more drastically, of Settings> Backup> Reset factory settings Android can be restored to the factory settings. In this way you can solve the problem caused by poor telephone performance.

Please note that before you restore the device, you must make a backup of the contents of your Android smartphone since all this will be removed during the restoration. from Settings> Backup you can make a backup in Google Drive, which usually consists of: contacts, calendar entries, passwords and Wi-Fi networks, backgrounds, Gmail settings, applications, various settings, etc.