Legends of Chelsea and Liverpool go to Pogba for their dances while celebrating their goals

LONDON – Paul Pogba is the name of the moment in the Premier League. The Frenchman, one of the most expensive players in the world, improved his performance considerably after the departure of José Mourinho from Manchester United. So much so that he scored four goals and gave three assists in the first three matches under the command of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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But that is also not enough to prevent him being criticized in England. What is now in the eyes of the hurricane is no longer the lack of football on the part of the midfielder, but their dancing to celebrate their goals.

The attitude of the French was not good for historical players of the Premier League Claude Makélélé, former player of the Real Madrid and the Chelsea, where he was a dual English champion, Jamie Carragher, who made history with the shirt of Liverpool, are two of those who were not at all satisfied with it.

"An example is Thierry Henry. When he scored, everyone thought: "For more goals that mark, is never happy." One day I asked him why he did, and he said, "It's my way to celebrate the goals, I know people do not like it, but I'm like that, I can not change it." with Pogba It is the same, it will not change. We accept him like that, he is like that. Sometimes I get the feeling that he does not respect his rival.

If I had to deal with it Pogba I would tell him. "Do that in the locker room, not now, you win 4-0 and you dance for us," he said. Makelelewho revealed that he ever struck ronaldinho for something similar.

Carragher, former defender and captain of the Liverpool, is another who blames that attitude Pogba. The contemporary commentator of Sky Sports, did not hide his disappointment with the French during the broadcast of the game. He also believes that in many cases these things cover his good football level.

With dancing or not, the truth is that Pogba wasting joy within the field by the Manchester United and is confirmed for Wednesday's game when his team faces the team Newcastle away from home

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