Price of the dollar Nov. 12: Peso stops rising streak over vaccine doubts

The Mexican peso missed Wednesday and would then end a six-day positive streak investors showed greater risk aversion after doubts about the feasibility of vaccines against it COVID-19.

The price of the US dollar starts with this Thursday, November 12 the 2020 and 20.4326 Mexican pesos.

The mint stood on purchase in 20,1809 pesos while on the sale at 20.6843 pesos, according to the average of financial institutions.

The market The local stock market won in line with Wall Street stock markets, extending its bullish streak to eight days, paying attention to the United States’ presidential transition, to the information on outbreaks of coronavirus and the outlook for global economic recovery.

Weight retreats 0.77%

The price of the US dollar will start next Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 20.4326 Mexican pesos. PHOTO: special

The mint traded at 20.4696 per dollar, with a backlash 0.77% compared to 20.3130 units from the Reuters reference price on Tuesday, after an increase of nearly 5% in the past six days.

“Questions arise about the production capacity of vaccine against COVID-19 and the time it takes to spread it en masse, ”said Gabriela Siller, director of analysis at Banco Base.

Meanwhile, the benchmark is S & P / BMV IPC index, consisting of the Actions of the 35 most liquid companies in the market, increased by 1.12% to 40,858.95 points.

With this move, the main indicator of the Mexican market is accumulating one to get of 11% from October 30 to the present, to reach a maximum of eight months.

“The markets They are also very alert to the evolution of the second wave of the pandemic from COVID-19. In Europe, the advance of the infections and the pressure on health systems is increasing, ”said Jorge Gordillo, director of analysis at CI Banco.

Bee market from debt, the yield on 10-year bonds fell one basis point to 5.76%, while the 20-year yield was stable at 6.81%.

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