Side effects of vaccine against Covid-19 could decrease its acceptance: UNAM academics

The side effects of vaccines against COVID-19, could have an impact on their acceptance and on the completion of vaccination schedules by the population, warned Baruch Daz, academic of the A

In a virtual conference, I explained that in the case of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, a two-dose schedule was established, while within the responses, headache, fatigue, or extreme exhaustion were documented in some of those who entered the clinical trials.

“These drawbacks could affect public acceptance of the vaccine and especially the completion of initial vaccination schedules, something that is currently being addressed by the Advisory Board and vaccination strategies,” he explains. .

The side effects of the vaccine can lead to less acceptance in humans

It has been a much faster process

Daz pointed out that the subsequent mutation is unknown, so in phase 3 vaccine studies, they ask for consent, because in reality they are still experimental.

It should be remembered that it can take up to 22 months for a vaccine to be marketed, so the health emergency has sped up the development of immunizations for this coronavirus from China.

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