Steelers vs Jaguars LIVE Online Broadcast NOW NFL (27-3) | 22-11-2020

4:05 pm a few seconds ago


Steelers 27-3 Jaguars.

4:05 pm a few seconds ago

4Q 1:40

Steelers kneel three times for their 10th win of the season

3:02 PM 4 minutes ago

4Q 2:00 am

The Jaguars are playing it within their 20 yards in fourth place and they don’t get it. Pittsburgh will return to run out of time.

15:57 8 minutes ago

4Q 4:16

Snell doesn’t come in third and the Steelers drop out

15:55 11 minutes ago

4Q 5:57

Now it’s Fitzpatrick with the second interception of the day.

15:54 11 minutes ago

4Q 6:19

Ellepson with the reception from 10 meters to move the chains

15:52 13 minutes ago

Steelers interception

3:50 PM 15 minutes ago

4Q 6:40

3:50 PM 16 minutes ago

4Q 7:00 am

The full pass of Big Ben and linked to 15 meters are already in the red zone.

3:45 PM 21 minutes ago

4Q 8:32 AM

Luton throws long and Edmonds intercepts him a second time

15:39 26 minutes ago

4Q 10:21

15:39 27 minutes ago

4Q 10:52

Conner with the short reception and comes fourth

15:33 32 minutes ago

4Q 12:32

Pass interference on Claypool and the Steelers have the first and ten in rival territory

15:31 35 minutes ago

4Q 13:16

Ebron with the short reception to move the chains

15:27 39 minutes ago

4Q 14:45

Luton is caught in third place and the Jaguars start punting

15:22 44 minutes ago

End of third quarter

15:19 hours ago

3Q 00:45

Incomplete pass from Big Ben to Ebron and the Steelers to clear

3:15 pm ago

3Q 2:56

Conner in fourth place turns the corner and reaches midfield

3:11 PM hours ago

3Q 5:07

Luton is pressed again and the Jaguars cannot make it to the third to clear

3:05 pm ago

3Q 07:14

McClound falls within a meter of moving the chains. Steelers to erase

3:03 hours ago

3Q 8:34 AM

Snell reaches six feet on the ground to move the chains

14:56 hours ago

3Q 10:08

In third place, the Steelers make their first catch of the day and the Jaguars kick in midfield

14:49 hours ago

3Q 11:50

Luton with the full stride to move the chains

14:44 hours ago

3Q 13:34

Big Ben’s pass is far away and the Steelers three and out to clear

14:41 hours ago

3Q 3:00 pm

The third quarter begins. Pittsburgh fouls

2:30 PM 2 hours ago

TD Steelers 17-3

14:28 2 hours ago


Steelers 17-3 Jaguars

14:28 2 hours ago

2Q 00:00

Pass intercepted in the red zone by Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers go without points

14:26 2 hours ago

2Q 00:09

Pass obstacles against Claypool and the Steelers are already in the target zone

14:25 2 hours ago

2Q 00:15

Conner with the carry to gain yards and burn in the second timeout

14:23 2 hours ago

2Q 00:29

Luton shoots very high and Edmonds intercepts the ball

14:22 2 hours ago

2Q 00:36

Luton’s long pass and the Jaguars are already in rival territory

14:19 2 hours ago

2Q 00:44

14:17 2 hours ago

2Q 00:55

Johnson with the front desk twice at the 1-yard line, first and goal

2:15 PM 2 hours ago

2Q 1: 08

Johnson with the reception to put the Steelers in the field target zone already

14:11 2 hours ago

2Q 2:00 am

Two minute break

14:11 2 hours ago

2Q 2:46

Conner running down the right side when play seemed broken. Gained 13 meters

2:10 PM 2 hours ago

2Q 2:57

Fitzpatrick intercepts Luton in the red zone after a deflection and returns the ball to close to midfield

14:08 2 hours ago

2Q 4:20

Cole with the reception to enter the red zone

2:07 PM 2 hours ago

2Q 5:06

Chark with the solo reception to put the ball on the 25-yard line

14:06 2 hours ago

2Q 6:12

Robinson surprises with the carry and combined with a 15 yard penalty, the Jaguars are already on rival territory

2:05 PM 2 hours ago

TD Steelers 10-3

12:59 2 hours ago

2Q 7:00 am

12:58 2 hours ago

2Q 8:12

Washington with the painful reception of moving the chains when they were loaded on Big Ben

12:56 2 hours ago

2Q 9:38

They punish the Jaguars with personal fouls and give away 15 meters

12:52 2 hours ago

2Q 9:57

Luton throws powerfully and could have been caught or intercepted. Jaguars three and way to clear

12:47 2 hours ago

2Q 10:45

12:46 2 hours ago

2Q 10:50

Again Big Ben throws incomplete and they will have to settle for a field goal

12:44 2 hours ago

2Q 12:53

Fencing pass for Conner who works with 12 meters

12:43 2 hours ago

2Q 13:34

Despite the detour, Claypool makes the reception to move the chains

12:41 2 hours ago

2Q 14:52

Johnson shows up with the long reception for the first and ten

13:38 2 hours ago

End of the first quarter

Steelers 0-3 Jaguars

13:38 2 hours ago

1Q 00:13

Again they put pressure on Luton and he throws inaccurately. Three and off to clear

12:32 3 hours ago

1Q 1:12

Incomplete pass of Big Ben which was narrowly intercepted

1:30 PM 3 hours ago

1Q 3:06

Claypool with the third place valuable reception to move the chains and settle in enemy territory

12:28 3 hours ago

1Q 5:03

Johnson with the front desk one meter before the mark to move the chains

12:27 3 hours ago

1Q 6:15

Explosive carry from Conner who turns the corner and wins 20 meters to get out of the compromised zone

12:24 3 hours ago

1Q 6:36

The pressure falls on Luton who throws hastily and incompletely. In the middle of the field, to delete

12:21 3 hours ago

1Q 07:19

Robinson throws himself down third to move the chains, already close to midfield

13:17 3 hours ago

1Q 8:48

Boswell misses a field goal from 46 yards and Steelers cannot score

13:16 3 hours ago

1Q 8:51

Jaguars use their first timeout

1:15 PM 3 hours ago

1Q 8:51

Johnson can’t make the catch and the Steelers will have to settle for the field goal

13:13 3 hours ago

1Q 10:12

Conner makes the cut across the mark and moves the chains for the first time in the game

12:12 3 hours ago

1Q 10:57

The Jaguars surprise with a short kick, but the Steelers get the ball back

1:09 PM 3 hours ago

1Q 10:50

1:08 PM 3 hours ago

1Q 11:02

Luton throws incomplete and the Jaguars settle for 3 points

2:06 PM 3 hours ago

1Q 12:20

Robinson for the left side carries another 12 meters

2:06 PM 3 hours ago

1Q 12:53

Robinson with the reception in third place to move the chains and enter rival territory

1:04 PM 3 hours ago

1Q 14:52

Luton completes with Cole in action game to move the chains

1:03 PM 3 hours ago

1Q 3:00 pm

Start the match. The Jaguars on the offensive

1:01 PM 3 hours ago


We are minutes away from the Steelers vs Jaguars kickoff. Don’t miss the game

12:54 3 hours ago

Defense of a different level

The Steelers defense is in the top 10 of the league by being fifth by air, ninth on the ground and third best in points allowed

12:52 3 hours ago

The offense hasn’t been that good

Although unbeaten, the Steelers’ passing attack is 18th in the league, while on the ground they are number 24, but they score fourth best with an average of 30.1 per game.

11:47 3 hours ago

Great season

Despite being 38 years old, Roethlisberger still has a great season with 2,267 yards, 22 touchdowns and just 4 interceptions.

12:40 3 hours ago

No problem

12:35 4 hours ago

Break losing streak

It looked like the Jaguars would have a much better season when they beat the Colts in Week 1, but since then they’ve lost eight times in a row and will try to end that bad streak.

12:29 4 hours ago

With clear support

12:25 4 hours ago

They remember …

12:19 4 hours ago

They are already getting warm

12:14 4 hours ago

The birthday boy

12:10 4 hours ago

Cloudy, but in good condition

12:05 4 hours ago


12:04 4 hours ago

Multiple victims

12:02 4 hours ago

So they arrived

11:59 4 hours ago

We started

The Steelers want to keep their unbeaten record against the Jaguars in Week 11 of the NFL. We start with coverage through VAVEL

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Don’t let go of this

In a few moments, we’ll be sharing all the details of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as the latest information from EverBank Field. Do not miss details of the match by the minute and live online from VAVEL.

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The all-time series favors the Jaguars 14-12, although the Steelers have won three of the last five games.

10:40 5 hours ago

Where and how to watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars online and live

10:35 6 hours ago

Watch out for this Jaguars player

10:30 am 6 hours ago

Watch out for this Steelers player

10:25 am 6 hours ago

Latest result Jaguars

10:20 am 6 hours ago

Steelers latest result

10:15 6 hours ago

Jaguars: slow the air strike

The keys for the Jaguars will be to have long-term fouls so that Big Ben stays on the bench and, when on the field, puts incessant pressure on him for his lack of mobility.

10:10 6 hours ago

Steelers: Keep building pressure

The Steelers defense remains one of the best and will try to pressure the rookie Jaguars quarterback, noting that they have over 65 games with at least one bag.

10:05 6 hours ago

The games against Jacksonville are getting complicated

Historically, the Steelers suffer when they face the Jaguars, which is why Mike Tomlin acknowledged this week that the team will not get overconfident.

10: 006 hours ago


Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars game, which corresponds to Week 11 of the NFL. The meeting will take place at noon at EverBank Field.

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