Study Finds Deterioration in Health, Sleep and Well-Being in Confinement

Vigo, Nov. 11 (EFE). – Researchers from the Universities of Vigo, Complutense, León and Isabel I participated in a study showing that during childbirth there was a general decrease in physical activity, an increase in body weight and a deterioration in sleep quality and well-being of the population.

To find out the impact of incarceration during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the researchers conducted a digital survey of a group of Hispanic adults, mostly college students (74%) and especially active before delivery (86%).

They all completed a questionnaire during the first week of the alert, in March, asking them about their habits in the month leading up to the delivery.

Later, after being locked up at home for 48 days, they returned to answer the same survey that listed their quarantine habits, to know their level of physical activity, risk of eating disorders, sleep problems, weight and perceived general well-being.

The results showed a significant increase in the percentage of inactive people, which went from 13.8 to 26.6 percent, and with sleep problems, which grew from 63.4 percent to 75.2 percent.

A second analysis showed that the people who were physically active before delivery experienced greater decreases in the quality of sleep, physical activity and well-being.

However, the risk of eating disorders increased more in physically inactive people. EFE


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