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The new recipient of payments in Mexico is actually a Xiaomi telephone with unlimited internet

Clip does what smart device manufacturers think: it announces a renewal of its card reader every year. Now it's time for the Clip Pro, the most drastic update in which the reader has now essentially become a smartphone, one that cannot make or receive calls, but that has unlimited internet.

Of course, just to make transactions.

Adolfo Babatz, CEO of the company, has announced with a lot of tamtam and cymbal. He wants to be discreet about the estimated numbers of Clip Pro that will be sold in the coming months, but he cannot hide its impact by saying that the Clip Plus, announced in 2018, is already a source of half of the edits that clip.

"If the transaction wins, we win"

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Of course the costs have grown exponentially. The Clip Plus cost 749 pesos at the time of launch, but the Clip Pro reaches 4,000 pesos. Your payment can be postponed to 12 months without interest, which results in 12 payments of 333 pesos.

Beyond the device / smartphone, Clip continues without charging the monthly payments for the service, only with the already known costs of 3.6% plus VAT. According to Babatz, it is as simple as "if the transaction wins, we win":

The price increase was accompanied by a 4.5-inch screen (the Clip Plus did not have a color screen), loudspeaker and 3.5 connection as sound channels for people with hearing impairment (which the Clip Plus did not include) and Unlimited internet thanks to AT & T integrated chips.

The idea of ​​Clip Pro is total independence with your own smartphone, now everything can be done from the terminal … whatever a smartphone is.

Img 20190516 180027 The chip reader is located in the lower pole and the magnetic stripe reader is located at the top. Since the last generation, Samsung Pay has also accepted virtually all forms of payment in Mexico.

The demonstrators confirmed us one after the other: Xiaomi is behind the manufacture of the equipment. It's about smartphones with Android 5.1 that they have not installed the Google Apps suite, only the Clip app, where the interface is located, allowing you to enter the amount that you are charged.

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In the rest of the specifications, the device is charged via a MicroUSB port and the battery is off 3,000 mAh. Clip people estimate autonomy between 300 to 400 transactions.

The arrival of Codi

It also equips a 5 megapixel camera. The idea is that in the end QR codes can be generated per product or service and, at the time of charging, instead of entering the amount to be entered manually, scan the QR and automatically execute the transaction. Yes, Clip will join CoDi at that time.

According to Babatz, Clip is taking market share away from cash, and since CoDi intends to do the same by digitizing transfers, it will ultimately be compatible with the Clip system.

The camera positions Clip clearly: it offers Codi as a payment mechanism

Clip Pro is now sold at Office Depot, Liverpool, Sanborns and Sams.

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