There are now 7 new games available on Xbox Game Pass

There are now 7 new games available on Xbox Game Pass. This first half of December is packed with great titles that will be included in the catalog of the successful subscription service from Microsoft. Although there are seven new games coming in today Xbox Game Passand so welcome them on the different platforms we will point out below.

Great titles like Control or DOOM Eternal can be enjoyed at this precise moment thanks to Xbox Game Pass, but before we go further and show you a brief description of each game in the company of the platform or platforms they will be available on, remember we remind you that EA Play already has an arrival date on Xbox Game Pass PC. Without further ado, we’ll be leaving you in December 2020 with the new Xbox Game Pass games.

Consigment Free Frontlines Fuel of War for Xbox Series X | S y Xbox One

Control on Xbox Game Pass for console and Android

new games on Xbox Game Pass

After the invasion of a secret agency in New York by an alien threat, you become the new director who must fight to recover Check. This third-person action adventure from developer Remedy Entertainment challenges you to combine and master supernatural abilities, customizable gear and reactive environments as you navigate your way through a mysterious and unpredictable world.

DOOM Eternal and Xbox Game Pass PC

new games on Xbox Game Pass

The armies of hell have invaded the earth. Take the role of the Slayer in an epic single player campaign and cross dimensions to stop the ultimate destruction of humanity. They’re not afraid of anything … except you. Enjoy the best combination of speed and power in DOOM Eternal, which takes a giant leap forward in first-person combat and reveals the Slayer’s origins and his eternal mission to EXCURE HELP.

Haven and Xbox Game Pass PC and Consola

new games on Xbox Game Pass

Float through mysterious landscapes, explore a devastated world and take on those who try to separate them in this adventure RPG about love, rebellion and freedom, led by Yu and Kay, two lovers who try to rebuild their lives in an unknown world. . To do this, you must explore the planet in search of materials to repair the ship and turn it into a warm home. As a couple, enjoy everyday moments to move into the next day: cooking, crafting, gathering supplies … Fight those who want to separate them and synchronize the actions well. Only if the two characters follow the rhythm and manage to coordinate in perfect harmony can you protect their relationship.

Rage 2 Xbox Game Pass Android

new games on Xbox Game Pass

Enter a dystopian world where society, law and order are notable for their absence. RAGE 2 is the result of the collaboration between two heavy hitters like Avalanche Studios, experts in creating crazy open worlds, and id Software, the makers of first-person shooters; and offers a frenzy of carnage in which you can visit any site, shoot anything and blow it up.

Slime Rancher on Xbox Game Pass for console and Android

new games on Xbox Game Pass

Slime Rancher a chaotic adventure in which you explore a sprawling alien frontier, build and customize a space ranch, and dodge the dangerous avalanche of a thousand shaking mucous membranes.

Va-11 Hall-A and Xbox Game Pass PC

new games on Xbox Game Pass

You are a bartender in VA-11 Hall-A, affectionately called “Valhalla.” Although it’s just a small bar in the center of Glitch City, it attracts the most fascinating people this side of the dystopia. Keep your customers lubricated and you will get access to the most interesting stories. The VA-11 Hall-A experience offers a branching storyline where your decisions don’t depend on traditional choices, but the drinks you make. Get to know your customers and their tastes and prepare the drink that will change their lives.

Yes, Your Grace and Xbox Game Pass for PC, Consola and Android

new games on Xbox Game Pass

Petitioners will come to the throne room every turn to seek your advice and assistance. Decide whether you want to help them with their problems or save resources for more important things. Remember, supplies are limited and not everyone has the interests of the kingdom in mind.

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