Vaccines, medical care and drugs against COVID-19 must be free: AMLO to G20 leaders

Photo: Twitter @lopezobrador_

According to El Heraldo de México, at the virtual summit of G20 leaders, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador suggested to heads of state that vaccines, medical care and drugs against COVID-19 should be free and accessible to everyone. .

“Health is a fundamental human right that the state must guarantee, aside from profit making, medical care, vaccines and drugs must be free and universally applicable, as stated in the Mexican resolution approved in the UN, almost unanimously, with 179 countries in favor, “he said.

In his message, the Mexican president said that to face the health and economic crisis, rescue must come from the bottom up, focusing on those who need it most.

“The economic rescue must come from the bottom up, help the poor first, and focus government action not only on allocating public resources to bankrupt companies or financial institutions, not on converting private debt into public debt, avoiding debt, and even less, if it is to the benefit of the few and at the expense of the suffering of many and of the new generations, ”he said.

López Obrador spoke out for promoting healthy eating, exercise and sports to prevent diseases that increase the risk of disease.

He asked “to rely more on the responsibility of the people, to guarantee freedom in all circumstances and to drop the temptation to impose authoritarian measures such as excessive confinement, curfew, nothing by force, everything for conviction and reason”. (THE HERALD OF MEXICO)

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