What to eat at midnight not to get too fat

We all got hungry late at night nighteither because we came from somewhere or because we did not eat well in the afternoon, but we were told that it is bad food for the overnight stays because we get fat, the truth is that if you are hungry, because your body needs food. In Menu we tell you what you can do food If you are hungry midnight to feel satisfied and not getting fat in the process.

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<p><span style=banana
It is a light fruit that does not contain large amounts of calories, so it will be easily digestible in the night. This fruit has advantages when it is eaten late in the day night because it stimulates melatonin and serotonin to improve the quality of sleep, in addition to having magnesium and potassium that works as a muscle relaxant.

According to our nutritionist Fernanda Alvarado, a banana offers 3 grams of fiber, which corresponds to a cup of papaya.

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<p><span style=nuts
Eating nuts makes you feel satisfied, besides the melatonin and tryptophan, it helps to regulate circadian cycles. A study published by Hospital nutrition confirms that nuts are healthy foods that help to reduce cardiovascular disease.

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<p><span style=yogurt
Candy is the worst enemy of the organism because of the overnight staysIf you crave something sweet, an option is natural yogurt with nuts. Our nutritionist points out that you should eat yogurt without added sugars or artificial colors.

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<p><span style=popcorn
The natural popcorn (no microwave) is a good option for your hunger for the night, this food makes you feel satisfied and also contains fiber, which will help your intestinal transit, just make sure you eat them in a small portion, make two cups of popcorn with very little oil or without and without salt.

Our nutritionist indicates that two cups and half of the popcorn is equal to one tortilla.

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<p><span style=oats
This food is rich in fiber, which helps your body while you sleep, it will also make you feel satisfied at times of desire. the National Autonomous University of Mexico confirms that it is one of the most complete grains that exists, it also has weight loss properties and generates a feeling of satiety.

Fernada Alvarado emphasizes that oatmeal is one of the grains with the largest contribution of protein and that a third of a cup of natural oats provides 4 grams of fiber and 5 proteins.

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<p><strong>Corn bread</strong><br />If you are hungry in the middle of the<strong> night</strong> You can always eat a slice of wholemeal bread, this will help your body relax with the production of melatonin, but be careful not to overdo it. Our expert in nutrition advises to accompany the bread with avocado. </p>
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