Will there be a wedding? Carlos Rivera buys a EXPENSIVE gift for Cynthia Rodríguez in jewelry

Singer Carlos Rivera He has always liked to share most of the moments with his fans important in his life, however, he aroused strong suspicions of this on this occasion effort.

In a video he shared on his account Instagram, the interpreter of “I die” showed a gift he had acquired for his girlfriend in a luxury jewelry store Cynthia Rodríguez.

However, the gift was not an engagement ring, but a bracelet with the host’s initials Joy comes.

Immediately them followers they began to ask him if he would finally deliver the long-awaited one engagement ring.

Private life

Despite being one of the strongest couples in the middle of the show Cynthia Y Carlos prefer to keep their relationship equally private possible to avoid conflict. However, from time to time you are allowed to post a comment in the publications.

The singer is currently hosting the program Who is the mask?, project in which he shares a set with Yuri, Consuelo Duval Y JuanPa Zurita.

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