With the altar of the dead Aracely, Arámbula ruined the second season of

"She thought she would get a good answer from her followers, because it is about the grandparents of her children, but she received many negative comments, the people finished it: they told her that she needed attention, and that's why Luismi does not give her a pension, he just wants to stick to his fame and, by confirming the death of Marcela, he has ruined the second season of his series, "one of the singer's friends told a publication of shows.

According to the source, "La chule" has not surpassed that "Luismi" is no longer on his side, so he uploads photo's in swimwear and suggestive positions, and for which he also confirmed that Marcela is dead, and also the beginning of the second season of his series ruined

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